Your Complete Guide To Buying Antique Engagement Ring For Women


You have thrown all your emotional capital and commitment in the relationship. And now you are planning to propose her with a perfect ring. Well it has to be, and should be perfect, to make the proposal worth remembering. Hence, a lot of consideration and thought is required to select an engagement ring to make it a once in a lifetime event and a dreamy affair.

Like they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, there is no fixed criteria of selecting a ring. A certain design or cut might appeal to you but may not be liked by others. This is the reason, jewelers curate a huge range of designs to cater to different persons.

All you need to do is remember some basic points to make the right selection.

Stay In Budget

Make the choice depending on the depth of your pocket. Apart from jewelry shopping, access other financial expenses of the wedding to get an idea about how much money you can comfortably spend on a piece of rock.

Select The Design And Type

If you know your girl inside-out, then there would not be much problem in selecting the ring she would love. But if you have some doubts in your head about making the right selection, talk to her friends to know more about her choices and preferences.

After considering all the thoughts and advice, select the best women antique engagement ring.

Type Of Diamond

The right kind of rock is the most crucial thing you need to ponder over in the selection process of engagement ring.

Generally, the size of the diamond is directly proportional to the size of the pocket. Keep these few essential points in mind to select the right diamond.

  • Either choose a classy round shape or go with more contemporary shapes like emerald, marquise and oval among others.
  • If your girl prefers to wear a small and elegant piece, go with nicely cut pieces embossed on the right frame.
  • Ensure to select a perfectly cut diamond. Only a perfectly cut diamond will shine like a diamond.
  • Also consider things like color, clarity and caret of the diamond to make sure it fits the bill.


Get the right size of the ring finger to ensure the ring fits perfectly. Unlike diamond tennis bracelet, if it is not fitting well, then it is not worth it.