Why Used Luxury Watches Can Be Better Than Brand New Ones


When someone says the words 'Rolex' or 'Patek Philippe' to you, some of the first associations that come to mind are the expense and glamour of such timepieces, as well as the latest models you have seen advertised in the media. People might be surprised to learn, however, that a thriving used watches market for luxury brands exists too.

There are actually some very surprising advantages to buying used luxury timepieces instead of brand new ones that you may or may not have considered. If you are thinking about buying a Rolex, Omega or Patel Philippe for yourself or for a gift, here are some compelling reasons why you might think about this option instead of purchasing a brand new model.

The first one is the obvious advantage of price, as many used or second hand watches are very reasonably priced compared to brand new ones. In fact, the price of brand new models is one of the factors the puts people off investing in them in the first place. It can be relief to find out that there is a great second option in this case.

Whereas brand new luxury timepieces cost tens of thousands of pounds or dollars, second hand ones are available for much lower prices. This means that huge savings of 75%, 80% and 90% can be made on the original price, which is definitely very attractive.

It is a common mistake that many people make to assume that second hand means that these timepieces are not in very good condition, but this is not necessarily true. In fact, this is rarely the case with luxury watches, as many people tend to care for them very attentively, for the reason that they are so valuable and that they want to protect their investment.

People tend to store their watches safely and take them for regular servicing, and take care not to damage them during wear. However, there may be a few issues, particularly if a watch has had heavy use or has been sitting in a box – untouched and unserviced – for several years.

However, many of the watches on the second hand market are in impressive condition. Many are entirely unused, and others have been kept in top condition. Despite all of this, they are still priced much lower than brand new watches, and they are arguably much better value for money, although you should take care to evaluate this with a watch specialist before buying.

Another advantage of buying a used Patel Philippe or Breitling watch is that there are far more styles available on the market, giving your complete freedom of choice over some of the most iconic and desirable models ever created.

Some of the most popular models such as the Yacht-Master and the Royal Oak are also available so commonly on the used watches market that prices tend to drop even further, despite the fact that these are very iconic models of timepiece.

Some people actually care less about having a brand new item than something that looks fantastic and that represents a part of watch making history. If you are one of these people, the used market might simply be for you due to the sheer choice of stunning and immaculate timepieces that you can find there as collectors' items.

Finally, used watches can be better than brand new ones for the fact that you can choose from different features, which ties in with the last point. Many brand new watches feature innovative new features such as a more impressive diving depth or stopwatch facility. However, these might not be so important to you.

By choosing from a selection of second hand models you have a broader selection that allows you to find the right features for you, rather than be stuck with what is currently in vogue. If you like freedom of choice, then a second hand Patel Philippe, Rolex or Audemars Piguet might be absolutely perfect for you.