Why Is Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring So Special


Content: Close your eyes and think about a diamond ring. Most of us will picture a simple band with a giant diamond stone resting on top of it. In the real world, this visual can be characterized by the word Solitaire. And the reason why the solitaire diamond is so special lies in its setting, color, quality, cut and beauty. We are not wrong to say that this is the perfect diamond engagement ring. However, in the context of diamond jewelry, the solitaire diamond has far more importance than we can think of.

Let's dig deeper into the pool of some facts and know what makes this remarkable gem aesthetically tempting and highly precious.

What actually is solitaire?

Solitaire usually describes a single diamond ring or a gemstone that is set into a piece of jewelry. The term is applied to any jewelry piece holding a single stone. The important thing to note here is that solitaire does not describe the shape of the ring. It merely describes a single stoned jewelry piece, which is usually a diamond engagement ring.

It is the focal point

With solitaire diamond on your finger, it is not hard to steal the spotlight in any event. Unlike other engagement rings that fall and rise in popularity, the solitaire diamond engagement ring is classic with an unvarying resolute appeal. Besides its show of clean and glittering lines, the fact that only the single stone is the dazzling focal point makes it more a popular among diamond lovers. Also, there are no small gems to distract your attention from the center stone.

The variety of solitaire stones available

Contrary to what most of the people think, a solitaire diamond can vary greatly in shape, size and diamond settings. The most popular ones come in differently shaped diamonds. Here are some popular solitaires rings available in the market:

  • Princess solitaire
  • Round solitaire
  • Marquise solitaire
  • Heart solitaire
  • Oval solitaire
  • Emerald cut solitaire

It comes in different settings

Classic settings for a diamond ring feature a precious metal solid band with a diamond held on a six or four-prong setting. While producing the most classic look, these types of rings are most comfortable to wear. However, the elegance of other settings is equally flattering. Here are some other solitaire settings that showcase the stone equally and beautifully:

  • Bezel setting- a metal ring surrounded the gem
  • Tension settings- using entire ring as a support system for tension mounts
  • Invisible setting- square diamonds are slotted into the ring mount for an invisible look
  • Nature- inspired setting-the diamond is surrounded by twisting vines of shining metal

On a concluding note

Coming back to the question-what makes solitaire diamond engagement ring so special?

The answer may be different for everyone, but we consider its classiness and concentrated radiance to be the reason behind its recognition.

With a rich popularity and unending style, a solitaire ring is the purest representation of not only your style but love and eternal commitment as well.

With such magnificence on board, one cannot possibly go wrong with a proposal featuring a solitaire engagement ring. After all, there's a reason that amongst earth's top ten engagement ring settings are solitaire.