Why An Engagement Ring For Your Engagement Day


The day of your engagement is approaching soon and you are getting confused about the ring for your fiance. Have you checked all styles and varieties of engagement rings, but still failed to get the special one for her? We do understand that's it's a real tough task to choose the best ring made of diamond for your fiance. Before you proceed further to take some time out to read this article to know about rings of engagement

Know more about engagement rings and its history

During the engagement, a special ring is exchanged between the couples and this ring is to be worn by both the couples since the day of ring exchanged. This ritual is followed almost all parts of the world and these rings are of different designs and are made with different stones and metal. It has been noticed that most of the special rings for engagement are made of diamond as diamond is considered to be auspicious for gifting. You can opt for buying simple wedding rings or you can go for something extremely designed. Well, everything depends on your budget. The very first diamond ring for engagement was gifted during the year 1477 to Mary of Burgundy by Archduke Maximilian. Previously presenting such ring to the bride was considered as a part of the price of the bride.

Weddings rings are different from the one given on the day of engagement. These are exchanged by the bride and the groom at the time of taking the 7 vows of marriage. Both the rings are placed in the right hand ring fingure of the bride on the respective days as the nerve of this fingure is connected straight to the heart.

Knowing the available styles of rings for the engagement days:

Being stylish and Fashionable if you are looking for the best rings for your fiance then this will not be a difficult job for you. There are various types of rings that are available for exchanging exchanged the couples and here we can take a look at the types of rings we can choose on the wedding.

  • Traditional style: If you and your fiance love to look stylish while maintaining the traditional value, then you can opt for specially designed traditional troth rings. This type of ring is made with a single diamond on the centre of the ring. Ring with traditional style is made with plain metal and this will ultimately make your fiance happy.
  • Ring with stylish and outgoing designs: Among various stylish engagement rings, Halo settings on rings for engagement are considered to be most popular one. According to this setting, there you can notice set of diamonds surrounding the center diamond and ultimately this will give a glitter. So, you can surely opt for Halo rings online too.
  • Specially designed outdoorsy and nature loving rings: Do you want to gift something special to your fiance? Well, then surely you should go for buying such troth rings with a setting of different organic item. Here you will have leaves, flowers etc just surrounding the rings to give the ring a natural look.
  • Romantic and timeless: Every engagement is always a romantic event and if you opt for a romantic and timeless ring for your fiance then nothing can be more romantic than that. You can view various excellent rings designed, crafted with diamonds.
  • Modern and contemporary: This is another special style of rings which can be gifted to your beloved. The design of these rings is nontraditional and has been experimenting with gorgeous styles.

Not only for women, but also for men too you will get huge collections of different rings for betrothal ceremony. One can choose specially designed classic ring which are made of white stone or yellow stone along with Diamond. Here you can choose

  • Comfort fit betrothal ring with yellow gold
  • Classic half round troth ring
  • Comfort fit ring with white gold of 10K
  • Classic half round ring with yellow gold
  • 8.25 mm 14K wedding ring of 14K
  • 7 mm 14K gold wedding ring of 8.9 grams

There are lots of designs available in the market and you can surely go online to know about various designs and styles. Visiting us online you can select various designs of engagement rings and buy the best one for your beloved. Here you will get all details regarding the price of wedding rings besides attractive designs and styles.