Where To Find Real Amber For Sale In The Dominican Republic


From a very long time, probably from the very initial days when we started life as cave men, jewelry has been an integral part of our lives. From making one look beautiful to symbolizing a greater norm in the society, there were enough reasons for our rather simple forefathers to spend their time and efforts in crafting jewelry pieces. Expensive and rare gemstones are another aspect that has been a constant thing in our social evolutionary timescale. From medicinal values to having some impact on our astral charts, all of us have been exposed to these beautiful stones at some or the other point in our lives. Amber is a plant resin found in only a limited number of mines in the Dominican Republic and the Baltic Sea area and has at least a dozen advantages to us. If you want to know where can you find original Amber from the area, continue reading.

What to check in original amber?

Considering the sheer number of fakes available in the market, it is very important to know how to differentiate between real from all the rest. Some of the important points that one should keep in mind before looking up websites for Amber for Sale are mentioned below.

  • Things that can be used as alternatives to original ancient tree resins are phenolic resins, copal, and milk protein casein. Celluloid, glass or most commonly used plastic. Each has a different differentiating parameter.
  • Copal, although another gemstone and resin is derived from young trees and the inclusions, if any look too good to be true! It melts faster than original amber.
  • If glass is used, then you can know for a fact because it's too polished and hard. Also won't burn as it is fireproof.
  • Since, amber is obtained from the resin of pine trees; phenolic resins which can be made from any tree don't have the same sweet smell of that of the Dominican variety.
  • Celluloid too, has no smell but that of plastic burning and is easy to find this way.

Tests to certify original Amber

Well, not only is it very expensive, Amber has a lot of medicinal values and it makes all the sense to buy an original product. To be certainly sure of the quality, the following tests can be really helpful.

  • Smell is a key factor because high quality Baltic and Dominican Amber for Sale has a sweet smell.
  • The hot needle piercing test is another way of knowing if the amber is original or not. If it is plastic, the needle pokes right through it whereas amber will produce cracks. Also, heating original amber causes the minute bubbles inside it to vaporize and gives the bead a more or less clearer appearance.
  • If you have the means of doing it, a spectroscopic analysis using IR rays gives a true account of its originality as a fossil resin.

Dominican Amber for all its beauty and value is appreciated throughout the world. Knowing these little things before you purchase one will make the experience a lot more rewarding.

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