When Kendall Jenner Flaunted Golden Grillz


What happens when glam and glitz meet? Some spectacular showbiz for sure and that is exactly what happened when we spotted Kendall Jenner wearing grillz. The top “it” model flaunted her shiny embellishment as she attended the Burberry fiesta and made us all swoon. Not that we are already any less inspired by her multiple street style and after party looks but this appearance with a fashion jewelry that not many might dare to wear was definitely celebratory.

Fashion accessories update themselves by the day and to stay on its radar is something fashion folks always love to do. No matter if they are chokers transformed to layered necklaces to these shiny caps, we here always want to experiment with newer styles that maybe a blast from the past or a completely new invention. Now, when Kendall Jenner did not hold back and continuously flashed those shiny embellishments we were wondering if they have the potential of becoming the next “It” trend.

Not that we would be surprised but we are thinking of diamond lined grillz on our canines that can be an ode to the vampire goth look. After all, stylish jewellery does not only mean statement necklaces and chunky earrings! Remember the eyeball jewellery trend that made waves and we all gaped at its existence. Fashion is ever-changing and that being its primitive nature has only left us inspired with every new thing that is doing the rounds in the market.

Of course for jewellery lovers like us this comes as a blessing because we leave no stone unturned when it comes to bling. These shinies can be the ultimate accessory as no other addition may be needed to amp up your look. This piece of embellishment is edgy and high fashion making us upvote it by all means.

Kendall also wore a layered necklace and hoop earrings to complement her look. Talk about impersonating the retrograde in full fervour. That era has marked many trends bringing fashion and jewelry on the forefront and we are only grateful for that. As we continue wearing 90s trends with much appreciation we also love the introduction of more golden and chunky jewellery in our lives. Maybe it's time we give minimal jewellery a rest. Or maybe not because after all when is it ever enough in fashion? And with regards to our obsession with jewellery, it takes a new high every time we see someone experimenting with a unique embellishment and it may continue to do so.