What To Look For Among The Men39s Jewelry Items


There are different kinds of choices when it comes to mens jewelry. Gone are the days when the only jewelry that men permitted themselves was the ring that their wives put their fingers on the wedding day. Today men are open to exploring different fashion accessories and not afraid to flaunt them as well. Hence, men's brooches have also forayed into the segment of fashion accessories for men. Here are some options to consider.

Studs As Earrings

Besides the significance of a man wearing earrings or studs on both ears or on single ones, many men like to experiment with a stud in a year every now and then. It adds a funky or a daredevil look that goes well with club attire or for casual and adventure activities. If your guy is a daredevil who likes to try something different, get him a pair of silver or sterling silver studs. Even stainless steel based studies with ornate and engravings on them are choices that could be looked at among mens jewelry.

Bracelets And Bands

The popular option among the fashion accessories as gifts for men would be bracelets. These can be diverse in material and designs. While the chunky metal bracelet is common as well as the thick leather bands, many like the stackable designs which include thin leather straps and beaded strings as well. Some like to experiment with bands which have studs on them or other kinds of metal embellishments.


This range of accessories is quite common, though men are considering wearing rings other than their engagement or wedding rings. Hence, thick metallic rings are common among young boys and even adults, when they are flaunting a funky look. If your man or friend likes to add to his collection of rings, why not get a uniquely designed one which has an adjustable design.


Chains and pendants are not new for men, but more and more are experimenting with these accessories these days. Though many are still to venture wearing a chain and pendant to office, others who wear these precious metals often hide them discreetly under their shirt collar. For more casual workplaces, many love to flaunt a chain with a unique pendant like a dot tag or a military tag. Some even opt for religious symbols as pendants strung on chains. These can be wonderful options when you are looking at gifts for men.

How To Shop

The online stores make it easy to choose and shop from. When you find a comprehensive fashion accessories store, you can look up the section dedicated to men. Here you can browse through the different products and find the items that your man will like. You could shop for more than one item and get discounts on your purchase as well. Get them gift wrapped and delivered for the ultimate surprise.