What Are The Different Ways A Man Can Carry Off Beaded Bracelets


Not too long ago you might have hidden from the idea that you could be gifting your man beaded bracelets. These were considered dainty accessories, fit for young girls and ladies and not for men. Men's fashion accessories have always been limited, to rings, cufflinks, tie pins, chains or maybe bracelets of the chunky metallic designs. However, the metro sexual man of today has evolved in many ways. As a result, there are many ways and designs of beaded bracelets that men can carry off in different occasions.

Paired with casual wear

The most evident way of carrying off bead bracelet for men is to pair them with casual wear. These could be casual shirts that have rolled up sleeves half way or t shirts that are half or full sleeves. Some men would even carry off the bead bracelet for men with sleeveless t shirts or racer back vests and shorts. Get your man the style that would suit him as per his casual wear preferences.

Beaded bracelets of different designs

The kind of unisex bead bracelets you get your man will determine his personal preferences. There are beaded bracelets with religious forms and symbols and these are great for men with religious beliefs. For those who are flaunting unisex bead bracelets simply for fashion purposes will surely have different preferences. Beaded bracelets for men usually differ from those which are designed for women. The beads are larger, would be roughly hewn and made from wood or metal. Usually they have an unpolished look and would not be reflective or shiny. In many cases the beaded bracelet designs come with bands of leather or wood that adds a masculine and a bohemian touch to these accessories. These bracelets need not be inexpensive always. In certain cases the bracelets come with semi precious metals or coatings of the same.

Bracelets for different occasions

There are bracelets designed for men that are perfect for different occasions. For instance, one could be looking at beaded designs to go with religious garments like loose clothing that are worn in meditative centers. Meditation beads are also available in beaded bracelet design forms. At the same time bracelets with beads, wood or leather as well as metal combinations is available in different fashion accessory stores. These could be picked up for pairing with denim wear, beach wear as well as for casual ensembles like shirts and shorts along with loafers. These are some of the diverse designs that can be paired with casual wear in different ways. Depending on the height and stature of a man, you might opt for chunky or compact designs for your man. Many would love to pick up the items for themselves. That helps them to envision the kind of clothing they need to wear to carry off such a fashion accessory.