What Are The Amber Beads For Jewelry Making


Jewelry designers are always in search of the most exquisite and unique stones or jewelry-making materials. When it comes to designing spectacular and amazing jewelry items, nothing can match up to the luster, appeal, and appearance of original amber stones. As one of the exclusive offerings from the lush green locales of Dominican Republic, this particular stone can make you look beautiful and stunning.

Most importantly, amber is also known for its health benefits. With this special stone round your neck or in the ears, you will be embracing good health. Before getting down to discussing the types and qualities of Amber beads and stones, let's take a look at the origin of this unique product.

Tracking the origin

As the fossilized resin obtained from trees, amber has its origin amidst the rich flora and fauna of Dominican Republic as well as the Baltic regions. The resin had amazing healing properties and retains those traits even to this day. Of late, Amber has emerged as one of the great options for jewelry making. With the ever-increasing popularity of semi-precious stones and organic materials, amber jewelry has gained grounds in the market.

From complementing your daily wear needs to special events, an exotic piece of amber jewelry can make you look like the Greek Goddess. You will have to know about the various types of beads available in the market and make the choice accordingly.

Gradations of amber

While buying amber stones or beads, it will be imperative to associate with leading suppliers. Average suppliers will fail to offer you top-quality products. Moreover, they won't have amber stones of different gradations and sizes. Buyers will also have to look for top-grade Amber beads belonging to AAA, ABB, or AAB gradation levels.

The quality will depend on these gradations thus affecting the jewelry manufacturing process. Jewelry makers and designers have an eye for quality, and they always end up choosing the best products.

Varieties and options

When it comes to purchasing amber stones and beads, buyers will come across numerous options. From sizes, shapes, and colors, they will require considering quite a few aspects. Based on color and shapes, the following options can just be the right choices.

  • Blue amber stone
  • Yellow amber stone
  • Green amber stones

From AAA and ABB to ABB, you can get these stones in different gradations.

Types of beads

Buyers have the opportunity to get these beads from the top suppliers in the market. Some of the leading exporters in the Dominican Republic offer high-quality natural beads. While planning to purchase from them, you will come across the following options:

I. Natural beads obtained from Baltic Amber: These beads retain their natural properties and have only experienced mechanical treatments.

II. Modified amber: Treated under high pressures, these beads are also quite popular in the market.

III. Pressed Baltic Amber: Beads of Baltic amber pressed and treated in high temperatures.

Choose what you need

Depending upon the needs, you can select the beads of your choice. These jewelry impart a special touch to your outfits and your personality.