Ways To Purchase Diamonds Safely Online


Whether it's online or offline shopping, safety measures should always be taken in order to have best purchase and avoiding any kind of misfortune. Purchasing diamonds online is very much trendy nowadays, so here we are discussing some of the tips essential to consider while having such purchase.


  • Never do full payment before the diamond reaches in the retailer's stock – In case you are forced to do full payment, then it signifies that the retailer does not have sufficient working capital to sustain your purchase. Though the collapse of Diamond Exchange revealed the fact that a lot of people who paid for gemstones did not receive them, full payment before getting the diamond in the retailer's stock is filled with many other risks as well.

  • Always do payment through credit card – Credit cards provide customers much protection. For a multitude of reasons, if you are not contented with your purchase, or did not get it on time, you can consult with your credit card provider, who will investigate as well as refund your money if applicable. These disputes generally have a cut-off date between 60 and 100 days, hence it is best to confer with your card provider.

  • Talk to the retailer – Most of the problems with purchasing a diamond online are because of a lack of communication between the customer and retailer. Ensure you communicate things for instance, deadlines as well as requirements such as budgets and other expectations concerning the diamond.

  • Ensure whether the product is in stock or not – Finding the product in stock signifies that the retailer owns the product and it is truly a part of their inventory. This should have a lot of benefits like a longer return period, instant delivery, an upgrade policy and comprehensive information of the diamond.

  • Verify insurance as well as prepare for delivery – The retailer must have an insurance policy known as a “jewellers block policy”. It is a policy which insures jewellers for pretty much anything, also counting goods in transit. But, once that package is signed for, then accountability falls into your hands. Hence, you must prepare for the delivery by staying there on the time of the delivery and letting the mail room staff or secretary know that you have a vital package arriving.

  • Have a thorough research of retailer – Getting detailed information about the retailer is essential to have reliable services. Make a thorough research on the internet about the service provider company and formulate a wise decision.

  • Get shipping as well as return costs, either from the business website or in writing – All good business websites must include the cost of shipping together with the cost of returning the diamond stone. If not, then get this information by email.

  • Also get a return policy either through the business website or in writing – Again, all reputable websites must include this detail. Make certain you know the return policy and if there are any expenses implicated in returning the product.

  • Always purchase an AGS or GIA certified stone – Unless you are on a much limited financial plan, it is essential that the diamond you are purchasing has the correct colour as well as clarity grade, provided that neither you, nor a diamond expert has evaluated the stone. Whilst diamonds having certificates from lower quality labs like IGI or EGL may seem cheap, they are just very inconsistent to be getting such a big risk with when purchasing sight unseen.

    Delays generally happen. Don't be much anxious if there is a shipping delay of several days. Keep in mind that whilst purchasing a diamond online may look automated, there is much work performed behind the scenes.

    Don't purchase online if you are not 100% sure and comfortable with the online shopping. This is probably a very essential tip. Put simply, in case you are not 100% sure and comfortable with the online purchase, even if the price is good and the gemstone looks great then don't – it will bring unnecessary stress on both yourself as well as the retailer.