Watches To Gift For Diwali


Diwali is the festival of lights and the festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. It is a grand celebration, wherein families get together, friends indulge in merry-making, light lamps and diyas, and gorge on delicacies. We also share the joy that this festival brings us by exchanging gifts with our loved ones. With gifting being one of the most significant aspects of Diwali, it can also be quiet stressful. When it comes to festive gifting, there are thousands of options to choose from, but what can be better than the gift of time? A wristwatch is a timeless accessory that will stay with them for a long time and will be a constant reminder of you. It is thoughtful and a classic gift that can never go wrong. Here is a list of wristwatches curated for you, so browse through and pick the ones you love:

The first watch in this list is probably the best looking. This glamorous wristwatch from Swarovski perfectly complements its minimalism with attention to detail. The whole watch is in a gold, including the dial, which gives it an aura of luxury. The detailing around the dial adds that extra bit of glamour to the watch. With plenty of watches for women available, this one definitely stands apart from the rest! To know more about this watch, visit: Diwali Gift

This Frederique Constant watch featuring brown straps and a white dial is the perfect combination of style and comfort. The metal detail and chronographic dial adds character to the otherwise simplistic design. You can wear this piece to a formal work dinner or a casual day out with friends. This will be the perfect gift for your uncle, father or grandfather! To know more about this watch, visit: Festive Present for Diwali

Here's another piece that radiates sophistication and class. This piece from Michael Kors features a gold metal strap and a black dial. The watch also features a chronograph for all your time-keeping needs. If you're looking for an elegant timepiece with a metal strap, don't look any further than this watch. Being one of the best watch brands available, you can't go wrong with this timepiece! If you want know about this piece, click here: Casual Watch

If you are looking to buy something for a tech savvy individual, this Fossil Q watch will be the perfect gift. With this watch you can check notifications at a glance, customize everything from the display to the strap and control your music-all from your wrist. The perfect combination of style and technology. What more can you ask from a watch? Still not convinced? Read more about the watch here:Fossil Brand

This Kenneth Cole timepiece featuring black leather straps and a contrasting white dial is the perfect pick for someone who will love its functionality. It has an understated and simplistic design making it an ideal choice for daily wear. The black leather strap paired with the subtly designed dial makes it look traditional and classic. To know more about this watch, visit: Timepiece Gift