Watch How To Recognize A Counterfeit


A luxury watch at discount prices, how to resist? Well, you better believe it that counterfeits exist and that there is a way to detect them.

It's been quite a while that you wanted to offer you a watch that also projects your personality, and now a shady acquaintance offers you a real deal. It is tempting indeed, but how to know if this beautiful watch is a forgery?

The low price, the first indication of a counterfeit watch

When a luxury watch sold 750 on the market is offered at 100 “wholesale price”, beware! Of course, all resellers are not sharks, but a big price difference with the reality of the market may indicate a possible counterfeit. Do not, however, limit yourself to the price to refuse a product or not. Serial number, finish, function statuses are all parameters to be taken into consideration. It would be stupid to miss out on a great deal, after all!

The timepiece is less well developed on a counterfeit

Most counterfeits mimic the visible aspect of a watch: its bracelet, its case, its shape, its logo. But there are few artificial models that mimic the machinery of signed products. Do not hesitate to open the back of a watch to check its mechanism. For comparison, you can rely on what you could find on the Net. Against counterfeiting, Google is your friend!

The finish of the dial is less impressive on a counterfeit

If you observe the dial of a watch more closely, you will be able to detect the small details that could possibly enlighten you on the quality of this one. On some luxury models, for example, the dial elements (calligraphy, emblem, index) appear in relief. On counterfeits, these elements can be easily detached, or simply printed. Do not omit any detail, from the accuracy of the logo to the font, going through the shape of the needles. Be very careful: even the most successful counterfeits have defects.

With the mounting amount of counterfeits on the market, it has become quite difficult if not impossible to acquire a luxury watch without the fear of being scammed. The best advice is to not take the risk and if you have been waiting so much for that luxury Hugo Boss watch, then wait for the Hugo Boss sale online. This will be the most trusted place for your purchase of genuine Hugo Boss products. But, check that the site is a verified re-seller of Hugo Boss or any of your favourite luxury brands first.