Want To Know How Dive Watches Can Serve You


There are a number of different watch in the world today and most of the watches in the world fall into one of three distinct categories. Watches can be general, meaning that they are just basic timekeeping devices. They can also be visual, meaning that they are intended to look good and wow the people that view them. Finally, they can also be functional, which means they serve a specific use apart from looking good and therefore tend to apply only to a certain niche market. Dive watches fall into this latter category and diving watches are perhaps the most heavy-duty watches around. Dive watches need to have a lot of different things going for them and that is why these special types of timepieces typically have the largest number of features regarding the use.

Water Resistant

The phrase which you hear most often in connection with diver watches is that they are water resistant. If a watch is not water resistant (at the very least), then it does not deserve to be the timepiece it is referred to; it is as simple as that. Watches like the Invicta and the typical Rolex submarine dive watches are known to be water resistant. But what exactly does that mean? Well, it means that the dive watches will resist taking on water and therefore be able to operate for a longer time. Dive watches typically have water resistance to a number of feet below sea level because the pressure that the water exerts on them becomes higher as the divers descend.

Water Proof

On the heels of the idea of a watch being water resistant, there is also the idea of the watch being waterproof. Watch from the Luminox 1580 series dive watch to the different Casio dive watches that are available are waterproof. So what exactly does water proof mean? Well, in the case of something like the Festina submarine dive watch, it means that the watch will not take on water no matter what position under water the diver reaches. Rolex Submarine Blue watches are waterproof specifically mention that in the user guide. If however, as is mentioned in the user guides for the Swiss diver's watches, the diver punctures the watch or damages it while being under water, then the waterproof aspect does not apply anymore.


Because they are a specialized service, most dive watch are expensive. Rolex Watches are perhaps the cheapest around, although Seiko dive watch discounted from their retail price could probably come close at competitive price tags. Invicta dive watch will also be reasonably priced and between those three, you are not going to find any prices for these watch cheaper.