Vivienne Westwood Popularised Punk Fashion


Vivienne Westwood is probably the most recognisable name in English fashion industry today. She is known as the person who introduced punk fashion, for the mass, in the British society. At least, she was the one who realised and showed that punk fashion is not to be neglected as a thing for cockney people only. She was the one who changed the perception of the society about punk and punk rock fashion. She used to live with Malcolm McLaren and that influence certainly helped her in changing the punk rock attire for the mass. The time was 1970s and the place was England. The 1960s was great in the sense that it became somewhat open-minded but the common man was yet to embrace the punk fashion. The wave was sweeping over America but England was still preferring to be formally attired. The most famous rock band of the 1960s, the Beatles, also couldn't change it as much as we would have guessed today.

Vivienne Westwood opened her closet to the common public, knowing fully well that England isn't ready for the change yet. She used shadowy colours, steel, real leather and overall, her over the edge mindset and the compound effect was amazing. The final result didn't underplay the effect of any of these elements and fused those together to create some really iconoclastic tradition. The Great Britain, during this time, was a land of adult people who wore brown and grey two piece suits, a shortcut hairstyle and slack chino trousers and loved to stay cleanly shaven and prim in their get up, even for everyday life.

Another thing which she did was to introduce men's jewellery and accessories which were so important to define a punk look. Apart from everything else, she introduced watches which really broke the timepiece concept for adult British people. The men's Vivienne Westwood watch sale, like everything else from her, used elements of punk lifestyle in designing. Another thing which you would instantly spot in these watches is the use of bright colours. These watches are so different from those elegant watches the British people were so fondly wearing then.

She has a lot to offer, especially if we look at her stamina with which she is going on. She might come up with another revolutionary idea during the next Christmas and the whole of England would be gladly accepting it.