Victorinox Watches For Indian Women


The status of Indian women has gone through various changes for the last two millenniums.Presently they have a good representation in every sphere from diplomacy to driving a high speed train. Victorinox has a good collection to woo Indian women.Some of the bestsellers from Victorinox will perfectly match the Indian women and their cultures.

Collection: Victoria –

Victoria is probably the most feminine collection from the master craftsmen of Victorinox.This collection has a plethora of time pieces which perfectly represents Indian women

  • 241633: This model is featured with a golden dial and golden bezel which is further complimented by a steel bracelet.This battery powered watch has a water resistance of 100 meters.
  • 241635.1: An all steel finish from Victorinox. It features a steel casing with silver dial and steel bracelet.
  • 241632: Another simple yet elegant timepiece featured with a black dial and silver bezel.The water resistance is a remarkable 100 meters.It is finished with a scratch proof sapphire crystal and black leather strap.

Collection: Alliance –

This collection is well known for its perfection and accuracy.It features some dandy watches.

  • 241711.1: A watch with a blue dial, same coloured bezel and steel wristband.It features a 40 mm casing which is a bit bigger than traditional watches but a perfect match for the IT generation.
  • 241543: Another exclusive creation which will perfectly blend with the Indian culture.It features a silver dial and steel bezel – a perfect match with any Indian wear.

Collection: Maverick –

As the name depicts, this is the collection meant for those women with a different attitude.

  • 241614: It features a unidirectional rotating bezel for measuring lapsed time.A brown dial gives this one an exclusivity.Golden dial adds a dashing look in this elegant time piece.
  • 241610: This time keeper is designed for those who are simply in love with blue.Though blue is known as the colour of men, still Victorinox has managed to make a smart watch in blue for the today's smart women.This one has a rubber strap and can withstand water pressure up to 10 bars.The glass material is made up of scratch proof sapphire crystal.
  • 241492: Another all white Maverick to match the elegance of the modern women. A white bezel combined with a white rubber strap presented on a steel casing.It has a water resistance up to 100meters.This watch will definitely compliment the Indian wears as well as western outfits.