Urn Necklace For Ashes The Best Way To Hold The Memories Of Your Loved Ones


The Urn is basically a decorative pot or vase with round body, narrowed neck and foot, mainly used as a receptacle for the remaining of a dead man. The term has come from Latin word Urna, which means burn or buried. From the ancient time and throughout many civilizations in the world, such pots or vases have been in use for the purpose of holding or preserving the cremated ashes of a man for long time. These Urns were also called burial Urns or funerary urns and were normally made up of metal.

With the time the concept of preserving the cremation ashes changed and also the making of these funerary Urns. Now they are made of eco-friendly material, which is capable of decomposing back into the natural elements of the universe.

The modern trend

In the modern times, besides the traditional metallic vases many other options have also become available to preserve or hold the ashes of deceased loved ones after their death as their memory. Now a trend has developed in the civil society to carry the partial ashes of the loved ones kept inside or with the personal belongings in the form of Jewellery. The urn necklace for ashes has become quite common nowadays owing to its symbolic beauty.

Options for holding the ashes

There are two options to hold the ashes in the form of jewelleries. First kind is where a part of cremation ash mixed with molten Golden, Silver or even Diamond to make memorable Jewelleries. The metal for the jewellery and also its design may be chosen as per the choice. There is some kind of thought attached with the deceased loved ones which makes the Jewelleries more memorable. These jewelleries may be made in the in the form of Necklace, Pendants or rings. There are certain kinds of Glass jewelleries where the ash infused in a clear and transparent layer of glass giving elegant look. You can gift an urn necklace for ashes to anyone as a memory of his loved ones; it is definitely more valuable than an expensive showpiece or regular jewelry.

In second option of cremation jewellery a hollow compartment or chamber is designed with the Necklace or Pendants where a small part of ash of the dead loved one is locked. These hollow compartments may be designed in the form of certain symbols such as cross, Hindu religious symbols, birds or any other specific symbol attached with the loved ones for making them memorable forever. In some cases a size to fit photograph of the deceased loved one or some ceremonial flowers also held with the cremation remaining to make an unforgettable symbol of remembrance. These cremation necklaces for ashes may be made using Gold, Silver, Diamond or even stainless steel also. Cremation necklaces for ashes are now easily available and if you get in touch with a professional jeweler, he can get it done for you easily.


Though both kinds of cremation jewelries have become trendy but the first kind of jewelleries made with infused ashes are becoming more popular. These cremation necklaces for ashes have become a beautiful way of memorializing loved one or the loved ones, giving a tribute to them. This is a very special kind of gift with remembrance of deceased loved one to the next generation on the occasion of marriage or birthdays or something special. The budget is quite affordable and depends on numerous factors like design, material, etc.