Unleash Some Interesting Facts About African Jewelry


Women always love to dress up nicely. Whether they are going to a party or just hanging out with friends, they always want to look impressive. This holds true for women belonging to any continent. If we talk about African jewelry, it is best-known all over the world for its quality, beauty, and historic value. African Jewelry is the best option to look for when it comes to accentuating the looks and a combination of style and tradition. The materials the native craftsmen use today range from beads and sea shells to gold and silver thereby creating the pieces of this continental jewelry that target every need.

The market is full of “African jewelry for sale” kind advertisements as these pieces have become an element of adornment and are widely cherished for blending with every type of Clothing. It is cherished all over the globe due to its numerable features. So let's throw light at some of their interesting facts.

Signs of African Jewelry Being Worn for The First Time: Historians have found the sign of Jewelry being worn for the first time ever was about 75000 years ago. Signs of jewelry being made from ostrich egg have also been found dating back around 40,000 years ago. From these findings, it is quite evident that its birthplace was, of course, the land of Africa just like the human race.

Sign of Prosperity: Owning an old African Jewelry or wearing a bead is believed to bring wisdom, luck, well-being to its owner. In Africa, the art of making it was encouraged to show that the ruler had a prosperous kingdom.

Every Piece has a Meaning: Every piece of jewelry signifies different meaning, specifically beads. African beads come in wide variety of colors and every color has a story behind it. Different colors mean different things in the culture of Africa like red beads are used to celebrate tribal occasions and rites of passage whereas yellow beads signify high rank of a person, and gold symbolizes long life.

Pocket-friendly: Almost all African jewelry pieces are handmade to offer uniqueness in each piece. Homemade African Jewelry is made up of amber, carved stone, animal hair, sea shells, glass, egg shells, bones and a lot of other things. Input cost is almost minimal that's why the homemade Jewelry is considered as the cheapest and best for every occasion.

Modern Jewelry is Still Handcrafted: Love for the handmade jewelry in the native women of Africa has still not faded. In Africa, people are still creating their ornaments by employing lots of attention to detail.

Passing Old Legacy to the Future Generations: Jewelry making is still popular in Africa. Throughout the history, jewelry making has been the domain of women, with mothers teaching their daughters the art of crafting unique pieces. Preserving this legacy, African Women has mastered the art of jewelry designing.

These were just some of the lesser known facts about African Jewelry. Hope this article has filled you with a sense of surprise and now when you are aware of these facts you can reveal it to others. So the next time you will see an advertisement “African Jewelry for Sale”, you know what are their significance and what to do next.