Types Of Indian Jewellery


Accessories are like vitamins to fashion, jewellery is one of them

To win a girls heart you need to gift her with jewellery. It is equally important as cloths .In fact it has no age barrier is liking it starting from childhood to old age .One becomes more fashionable after wearing it.There have been so many metals which are used in making jewellery like gold, silver, platinum , bronze etc .Women started wearing it since the middle age and till date new forms and versions of jewellery have come up .In India Mangalsutra ( a gold and black pearl neck less with a gold pendant is considered to be the most auspicious jewellery since the middle age )not only India but it is loved internationally .Beauty of a women is incomplete without jewellery. It includes the following categories.

Neck less-Its being wore on the neck, with various designs and stones engraved.

Bangles-They are wore in hands and sometimes being made as bracelets also.

Earrings-The jewellery which is wore in the ears is called earrings

Nose Pins-A nose pin is wore in the nose and a chain attached with it right to the ear is called Nath .Nath is considered to be very auspicious and usually wore at the time of wedding

Mang Tikka-It is a chain with a hook at one end, usually wore at top of our head with a centre partition and other part has a pendent which come on the for head.

Rings-They are wore in the hands, it is very important as at the time of engagement or weddings the rings are exchanged.

Anklets-They are a round jewellery wore around the feet, usually it has bells at one corner, so when a women walks it makes a sound.

Armlets -They are made up of gold and silver and usually wore around the arms with few stones studded on it.

There are so many stones that are used in making the jewellery like diamonds,ruby,sapphire ,emerald ,pearls ,topaz etc that are used to make the jewellery more beautiful.

There so many jewellery stores in tricity Chandigarh ,Panchkula and Mohali where one can go and do the shopping .These store can also be searched online .There are few store who have started up with their own eCommerce website and one can do the shopping from those stores .