Two Ways You Can Personalize Your Jewelry


Owning a beautiful set of jewelry is indeed a special possession. But having one that has been made and customized specifically for you is an even more special one. There is really something wonderful about having pieces of jewelry that have unique features that reflects your very own sense of style and personality. This kind of unique and personalized jewelry also tends to have a much deeper sentimental value, mainly because it is one of a kind and no one else have it but you. Custom designed jewelry is also a great gift for the people you love and truly care for. It shows not only a generous gesture, but also symbolizes everything that you feel for your loved ones. To make it even more special, ask for a jewelry repair in Tulsa so that you can further customize your gift or your own jewelry. Here are two simple and very affordable ways to enhance and make your jewelry even more unique:

1. Engraving

This is one service you can avail of when you ask for a jewelry repair in Tulsa, OK – truly the perfect way of transforming your pieces of jewelry into even more uniquely customized ones. Jewelers are trained and highly capable of creating intricate letterings and designs on precious metals, either by hand or with the use of specific tools. Having any name, message, detail, or design engraved on your jewelry can make a simple jewelry truly special. Whatever you engrave will forever be visible on your jewelry and it is something that you can always look back on to and think about what it represents or commemorates. The great thing about engraving is that you do not have any limits to what you want to get engraved. You also have the choice of how to specifically engrave letterings or designs, including the size, font, as well as placement. Your own decisions and preferences are what surely makes a customized jewelry, personalized.

2. Stone replacements

Much like with many different things in life, everyone has their own preferences, favorites, and dislikes when it comes to the precious stones we appreciate. Some people value diamonds above all, while some value others that are more rare and unique. Many people also base their preferences according to the color, shape, or overall look of the precious stones. Any jewelry repair in Tulsa can allow you to opt for stone replacements. You will have complete control on what specific stones you want to incorporate instead, including their size, the design, as well as the way it is mounted on the pieces of jewelry. Having this done will result to unique jewelry designs specifically created to reflect the preferences, style, and personality of the owner. Moreover, it is not just about mounting the stones you feel that are more fitted with on your jewelry, it is also about making use of the old stones that you have replaced. You can either sell the stones yourself for cash or negotiate with your jewelry repair shop to take the old stones themselves as payment for your stone replacement service.