Try Stainless Steel Jewelry When Nothing Else Is Good Enough For The Skin


The non reactive nature of stainless steel is one of the main reasons many people refer to stainless steel jewellery. Steel is a really non reactive metal. It does not reacts, cause rashes on the skin, and do not affects the skin in any way. You may work in your kitchen for hours but won't be able to complain that you got rashes on the body for the steel utensils. It is one of the most non reactive items to make jewelry and specially good for those who have a very sensitive skin.

Sensitivity to gold

There are very few people who have sensitivity to gold. Gold is also apparently non reactive. But there are still unlucky few who have this sort of problem with gold too. Besides, there are many more who don't like the extra dazzling flashy yellow color of gold. And when you don't like the color, then there is no sense paying the same value for that gold as white gold. Rather you can buy neutral colored sterling silver or stainless steel jewellery. That would be much easy on the pockets, and you may buy as many patterns as you want.

Sensitivity to other imitation jewelry

You may have sensitivity to other imitation jewelry too. Imitation jewelry, which looks like gold, but isn't gold really, and actually alloy of other metals, with colors which are made of chemicals, may not be as good for the skin on all. There are many who get rashes from such jewelry.

There are many who also gets irritation and change in skin color due to bronze jewelry. There is a fashion of using gold with bronze as an alloy, or just to increase the volume of jewelry. In all such cases, it gets difficult for many to wear these and may get allergies and other skin problems. Thankfully stainless steel doesn't give any such problem, and this is a much safe option from all respects.

Heat and cold sensitivity

The only small problem that you may get with stainless steel jewellery is that they will get instantly heated and instantly cold. That means your jewelry will raise in temperature when you are in the scorching sun, and when you are in an AC room, the jewelry will get cold. However these effects will be minimized as they will stay in contact of the body, and thus the heat or cold would be lessened while balancing the temperature of the piece. Interestingly you won't even notice any temperature change unless you are too conscious to feel it after reading this write-up.

Test it now

To test it on your body, and see that it really is the best match on you when nothing else helps much, you can start with stainless steel bracelets. A bracelet forms direct contact on the skin, and yet it will not be directly on the neck, over the chest, on the ears etc. It will be on a limb and a foot apart from the body while you do the daily chores through the day. Thus this is a nice way to test how steel satisfies your jewelry wearing cravings while not reacting or troubling in any way. Once you are satisfied with your stainless steel bracelets you may proceed to increase your stock of steel jewelry.