Treat Your Vintage Watches Rights To Keep Them Safe For Generations


While you think that vintage watches are long-lived, you must also know that these are highly vulnerable too. The internal pivots of these watches are as willowy or sleek as human hair and they are not even waterproof and shock-resistant, in spite of inside labelling. Therefore it is advised that you should take good care of your timeless watch to protect it for long.

Here are some points that you must remember while using a vintage watch.

  • While taking off or taking on your vintage watch on wrist, try to stand over a soft surface like a carpet or sit on bed to avoid any damage to the watch, if fallen. Soft surface would protect your watch from jarring, when dropped.
  • Watch should be protected from heat dust and moisture. So never wear keep it in bathroom while bathing and avoid it wearing during extreme weathers.
  • Vintage watches can be easily magnetized, if come into contact with powerful magnets and stop giving exact time. Hence make sure to keep them away from electric transformers, electric motors, phone handsets and audio speakers. However, any jeweller dealing in vintage watches can reverse this issue.
  • Your body heat may also make the watch inaccurate. If you are using vintage pocket timepiece, you must keep its crystal on the opposite side of your body so that it doesn't comes in direct contact with your body surface.
  • Winding the watch is also a very good habit to keep your watch intact. It doesn't mean that you wind it daily, but experts recommend winding your watch weekly or at least monthly to ensure proper functioning of the machine.
  • Servicing of your watch is also crucial for your treasured piece. Regular servicing allows the internal sleek parts of the watch to remain clear from dust and moisture. It is recommended to get it serviced if any deviation in timekeeping is found.
  • Don't let your watch corrode. If you find any sign of corrosion is found on the watch, immediately take it to service centre for repair and servicing.

Keeping in mind the above mentioned points will allow your timepiece to show exact time for long! Moreover, keep your watchmaker as an ally because you might need him on and off for maintenance of your best vintage watches.

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