Tradition Of Wearing Jewelry


Jewelry is one such accessory that is adorned by human civilization since the oldest of ancient times. The tradition of wearing jewelry in different shapes and forms has its traces in the oldest of civilizations remains discovered to the date. May be the craze for wearing jewelry is because of the fact that it does not include and perishable material in its making. For example a person wearing a necklace make of flowers would not be considered as wearing jewelry. Jewelry means wearing a form of long term use material worn to complete your existing dressing. It can be made up of beads, shells, etc. Womens jewelry has many different types and forms. It is worn around the world in many different forms depending on the civilization of the surroundings. There are many different civilizations who take jewelry and dressing with jewelry that they have embarked the matter with being religious and a mark of happiness.

These civilizations propose the idea of the entire head to toe dressing of womens jewelry for any lady or girl on good or happy occasions. Since many years jewelry for women are important part of her dressing and those women belonging to a higher section of society are believed to be more prone to wearing heavy jewelry. It is also a mark of wealth and superiority for some. Emphasis of women's jewelry is very high in all the civilizations. On the other hand, there are a few tribes and communities who also focus on jewelry for men. These jewelry items are not as wide in variety as they are for women. For women's jewelry there would be a lot of things that can decorate her from head to toe, but for men there are only a few items that would be trending in the society. Also, there are less accessory options for men that serve them as a purpose of fashion. There would be the variety of options in mens rings, bracelets, necklaces and hair accessories. Mens rings are more in trend because of the fact that these accessories can be easily carried without any fuss. These accessories are easy to wear for men and do not create an issue while wearing on a day to day basis.

Men's accessories have modernized with time. They have become more trendy and stylish according to the taste of people. Though trending in designs there are no major changes in type of accessories worn over the decades by men. Some basic patterns that are fit for men are running over the time and do not have changes in form. Men's accessories may not be changed in form because maybe it is not possible for men to wear different types of jewelry for every occasion. Women have thus mastered the art of flaunting their variety of jewellery over the time and have left no stone unturned in evolving their jewellery with time. Women's jewelry has always been in trend and would always be. It would only evolve in style and patterns with time. The trend of wearing jewelry for different occasion with various dresses has remained unchanged with advancement in civilizations because of the factor of style that comes along with jewelry. And may be because of the same reason it would always remain same.