Touch The Smartest Trend While Staying Traditional With Fossil Q Hybrid


Fossil Q Hybrid spins the meaning of smart watches by combining traditional and modern appeals. These watches have a classic appearance but offer advanced technologies for the watch-lovers

Nowadays, watch manufacturers are showing their interest in introducing android wearable devices for the generation. These timepieces offer an array of functions apart from maintaining accuracy at timekeeping. The change in the watchmaking is appreciated by fashion enthusiasts across the world. These watches allow wearers to handle lots of android functions just by a touch on the watch-face. But, the missing element in this innovation is creativity. All smart watches have maintained the same approach to the timekeeping with offering similar function and fashion. Breaking this stereotypical concept of smart watches, Fossil has brought a new collection that has a classic approach with the modern edge.

The new Fossil Q Hybrid offers non-display smartwatches. These timepieces have the classic look that has an urban touch. People who love the aesthetic essence of the tradition, these timepieces are perfect for them. These timepieces offer the essence of the classic while keeping you smart with time.

Getting Alerts on Non-Display Smart Watch – the New Name of Innovation:

Fossil has designed the collection keeping everything in mind. The collection fades the line between analogue watches and smartwatches. The Hybrid collection every smart function. These timepieces give you alerts on notifications, keep your activity in record and control your smartphone applications.

The smart functions are carried by the sub-dial and watch hands of these timepieces. To change the function of the watches, there are three buttons on the right side of the timepiece. These buttons perform three different functions – showing date, switching between modes and activating Q link functionality.

The hand of the sub-dial tracks your activity throughout the day. Added to this, the sub-dial also features the functions like alert, alarm and second time zone.

The new collection is for the generation:

Fossil also segments the Hybrid timepieces into four new collections. Q Nate and Q Crewmaster are designed for men's fashion and have a casual and sporty appeal to the timekeeping. The brand adores women's beauty with Q Tailor and Q Gazer; they have a stylish and pristine look that elevates women's fashion.

The content gives you a glimpse of these timepieces that set a trend in the world of smartwatches:

Women's Fashion Gets a Rose Gold Touch:

This FTW1106P timepiece epitomises the gracefulness of women. Clad in rose gold colour, it conveys a classical look with roman numerals. It is the perfect blend of tradition with modern. In terms of technology, it has everything to offer. As long as your watch is connected with your smartphone by the Bluetooth technology, you can receive any kind of notifications on your timepiece. On accomplishing a daily fitness goal, it gives you an alert by spinning the hour, minute and second hands. This timepiece is for the women who love achieving the goals in a smart way.

Find the Boldness in Black:

The appearance of the FTW1115P timepiece is such that it unveils your bold and individual personality. Hailing from the Nate collection, it brings in a casual note of fashion for men's trend. This black watch has a fine and confident cut that defines the nature of men in a bold way. This watch also falls in the same line of creativity in terms of its offerings. It is a perfect accessory for a small get-together with family and friends.

The Hybrid collection has a different approach to the smart technologies. It showcases non-display watches that offer smart functions. This innovative thinking is appreciated by the watch-lovers across the world.