Top Museums For Jewelry Lovers


Love antique jewelry, Faberge museum jewelry, or just want to shop jewelry online? These exquisite museums are packed with “wow” masterpieces for you

You love jewelry and can go to any extent to flaunt only the best that your money can buy. Right? If you consider jewelry an art form, which it typically is, then you will love to gape in awe and wonder at the priceless collections of jewels housed in some of the greatest museums of the world. So, before you go ahead and shop jewelry online, take a look at what these top 3 museums for jewelry lovers have in store for you.

Incredible jewelry exhibits in museums

1. Victoria and Albert Museum, London

V&A or the Victoria and Albert Museum enjoys the distinction of being the largest museum of decorative designs, paintings and art in the world. Here, viewers can feast their eyes on a vast collection of 6000 items of jewelry, thus making this venue showcase the most elaborated collection of jewelry worldwide. Be it antique jewels from Ancient Egypt or modern jewelry crafted by renowned jewelers, the collection is worth viewing by one and all, lovers of Faberge museum jewelry included. The oft-viewed items include bracelet clasps attributed to Marie Antoinette, the diamond dress 'ornament' worn by Catherine the Great, the exquisite Beauharnais Emerald neckpiece gifted by Napoleon to her adopted child, and many more masterpieces in the world of museum jewelry.

2. Jewels, Tehran, Iran – The Iranian Crown

The much-appraised pieces of Jewels rest in Iran's Central Bank located on Ferdowsi Avenue. This largest collection of showcased jewelry owned by any government in the world pays rich testimony to the 16th century collectibles of the Iranian monarchy that were moved to the state ownership in late 1930s. You are bound to fall in love with the thrones, crowns, tiaras, swords, shields gems, ornaments in precious metals, unset gems, and a host of spectacular items known for their exquisiteness.

3. Imperial Treasury, Vienna, Austria

Located in the Hofburg Palace, The Imperial Treasury boasts of an enormous collection of jewels and others treasures complied over centuries. The Imperial Crown belonging to the Holy Roman Empire, the orb of Austria, precious gems, the largest emeralds on Earth, etc. are on exhibit at this frequently visited museum.

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