Top Larimar Jewelry


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What Is Larimar?

Larimar is also called Stefilia's Stone. It is a rare blue variety of the silicate mineral pectolitethat is found only in the Dominican Republic, which is in the Caribbean. The coloration of Larimar is going to vary from white, lightblue, greenblue to deep blue.Larimar is a type of pectolite or a rock that is composed largely of pectolite, an acid silicate hydrate of calcium and sodium. Although pectolite is found in many locations, none have the unique volcanic blue coloration such as Larimar. This blue color, which is distinct from that of other pectolites, is the result of copper substitution for calcium.

Larimar Jewelry

Larimar jewelry is offered to the public in the Dominican Republic and other places that are located in the Caribbean as a local specialty. Most of the Larimarjewelry that is produced is going to be set in silver but sometimes you will also find high-grade Larimarthat is also set in gold. Larimar jewelry has become available in other places as well. Some Far East manufacturers have also started to whole Larmar jewelry use it in their production and will buy large quantities of raw stones, such as Larimar, as long as the manufacturers are permitted to buy very large quantities at one time.

The quality of grading is going to be according to coloration and the typical mineral crystal configuration that is in the stone. Larimar also comes in the colors of green and even with some red spots, brown strikes, and the like, which is because of the presence of other minerals and/or oxidation that is in the Larimar stone. The more intense the blue color and the contrast in the Larimarstone, the higher and rarer is the quality is going to be. The blue color is photosensitive and is going to fade with time if it exposed to too much to light and heat.

Variety of Wholesale Larimar Jewelry

You will find a wide variety of wholesale Larimar jewelry. Some of the types of pieces of jewelry that you will find may include:

  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Pendants
  • Bracelets
  • Pins
  • Rings

You will also find many of the pieces of Larimar jewelry that is combined with other stones.


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