Top Contemporary Artists In India Who Do Not Come Cheap


Global art communities are getting to buy Asian art sculpture online at the most desirable rates. This is true for lovers of Indian art as well.

In the past decade or so, art in India has garnered immense popularity within its boundaries and abroad. Given this, it is no small wonder that contemporary artists are notching millions of US dollars at international auction and art galleries overseas. Along with modernist masters of the likes of Gaitonde, Souza and Mehta, younger artists are also in demand on the global stage. Here we profile 3 expensive Indian artists who are making raving headlines for themselves. So, as you set out to buy European sculpture online or buy art journals online, you may also like to check out the work of these coveted artists from India.

Anish Kapoor

Those who love to buy Indian art paintings regularly would know the price that Anish Kapoor demands on the global forum. Ranking No. 11 in the Artprice's Top 500, 2012-2013, he boasts of an auction turnover of EUR12.3. His top hammer price of EUR1.12 has catapulted him into the limelight; so much so that he tops the list of expensive contemporary artists in India. In October 2014, at the Sotheby's Contemporary Art Auction, Doha, Kapoor's 'Untitled' (2009) was sold at whopping USD1.595 million. His all-time record auction pricing was GBP1.94 million in 2014!

Atul Dodiya

Though he finds no place on the list of Artprice's Top 500 rankings, Atul remains to be a contemporary Indian artist of high repute. His works are known to fetch as high as USD 500,000 at art exhibitions and auctions online. His 'Lodging in Somnath' had fetched him USD 465,818 at Christie's Hong Kong Asian Contemporary Art sale in 2007. Just like Francis Newton Souza and Tyeb Mehta, Dodiya is a highly prized Indian modernist.

Bharti Kher

Bharti Kher held the 102nd position on Artprice's Top 500 in the year 2012-2013. Adequately competing with a host of Celtic sculpture online and those who prefer to buy Islamic Art online, Kher has carved a niche place for herself in the global art market. Her 'The Skin Speaks a Language Not Its Own' (2006) went for USD 1.5 million at the Sotheby's London in 2010. As a top-selling woman Indian artist she has surpassed Subodh Gupta's ( her spouse) record of USD1.4 million.

So, if you have been looking for the most expensive artists in India to follow, you have got the top three right here!

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