Top Class Diamond And Gold Designer Jewellery In Mumbai


Have a special occasion coming up? It could be a wedding, a graduation ceremony or a birthday, and what makes for a better buy than designer jewellery in Mumbai.

Designer jewellery, be it gold or diamonds, is the best gift for all seasons and ages. Gone are the days when jewellery simply meant a gold chain or a pair of bangles in standard designs. Today, the best brands ensure that they hire top-notch artisans to craft jewellery to suit a wide variety of occasions and themes. You can now wear jewellery that suits your mood, personality and your love for a certain style or period in history!

Here are some examples when it comes to designer jewellery in Mumbai and the many themes they are available in:

  • If it is a designer gold set you are after, how about a set inspired by Narlai, a tiny village near the Aravallis? A pair of earrings designed intricately with yellow gold and polki would be dazzling. You could also pick a lovely gold bangle studded with kundan and polki all the way.
  • Designer diamond jewellery inspired by French lace craftsmanship would be an excellent choice too. A white diamond necklace with a touch of gold made to resemble intricate lace work would really be a piece worth owning.
  • Thinking of shopping for designer jewellery in Mumbai? Choose something that's been inspired by an ancient civilisation. Think Banaras! Pick a ring in yellow gold made to look like a lotus in splendorous bloom! The golden lotus is encrusted with uncut diamonds to add more than a touch of brilliance.
  • If grandeur is what you are aspiring for, you should pick a pair of earrings inspired by the jewels of Rajputana! A royal inspiration indeed…How about a circular floral set of polkis surrounded by rings of gold and rubies? You sure will win the day with that kind of designer jewellery.
  • If the beauty of the peacock is what you want, then you can opt for a pair of earrings inspired by the royal Rajputana heritage. The earrings are designed to resemble a peacock with shiny plumes made of polki and kundan.
  • How about some more designer stuff in the form of gold jewellery inspired by Egyptian themes and motifs? A pair of earrings that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd on a special occasion is the one designed to resemble an ancient Egyptian work of art! A pair of gold earrings with strips of coral, lapis lazuli and turquoise lit by the sheen of uncut diamonds!
  • If it is your wedding and you want to be the bride who will never be forgotten for her jewellery, you should a set from the designer wedding collection – a necklace made of white diamonds resembling leaves and petals. There's no way you could ever go wrong with finely designed diamond jewellery, isn't it? After all, diamonds are a girl's best friend!