Top 5 Stunning Styles Of Silver Chains Available For Men


Top 5 stunning styles of silver chains available for men

The jewellery uses the fine metals to encircle the person body part, namely wrist, ankles and neck helping to hang decorative charms and pendants. Knowing the cost effective feature like length, width and quality help in making the right decision while buying a silver chain for men.

Mens silver chains are light-weighted and comfortable to wear that looks identical to white gold to untrained eyes. The silver metal has several advantages because it is not very reactive and keeping the strength and intricate shapes that gives an extramural appearance to an individual.

It can instantly enhance the Mens fashion taste regardless of age, dressing style and color.

Trending Silver Chains

1. Cable chains

Figaro Chain

It is a popular silver chain which has a distinctive 3/1 patterns of smaller links connection to larger oval link. Mens wears it with pendants such as crosses and medallions.

Curb chain

Silver curb chain is a small chain that contains a series of uniformly shaped; grooved links. The tightness of the curb chain has a great effect on the bit action. Curb chain with its large substantial links is the excellent choice for the men jewellery

Rolo chains

The solo chain links are round and identical, joined in simple sequence making the chain elegant. It consists of symmetrical links joined together. It is best to wear without heavy pendants, / unless the links are unusually thick.

2. Byzantine chain

The metal link chain design jewellery uses incorporating rope-like texture and textural design. By calculating inner diameter of jump ring and division of diameter, the aspect ratio can be determined

3. Rope chain

It has weaved; braided links provides a very distinctive vintage and marvelous appearance. It has a complex composition, due to which it has the ability to withstand wear and damage.

4. Heering bone chains

Its variation and variants take the name from the resemblance to the herringbone fabrics. It is also termed as ribbon chain as it has elegant drape,/ and beveled on edges for additional brilliance.

They are prone to unraveling when the link spilt or becoming a worm.

5. Wheat chains

It is also known as spiga chains resembling the top of the stalk of wheat with the interleaved grains .It is trending and elegant design is made of oval links joint together with an interlocking twist that provides the dovetailed designs.

Due to its multilink, their design and variation it is a good alternative for heavier pendants.

Health benefits of wearing silver chains

Silver metal has numerous health properties used across the time and culture .It provides helps in internal heat regulation and circulation. When the quantity of silver applied in the desired amount, it helps in providing

  1. It is quite affordable and economical compared to gold.
  2. Protection against electromagnetic radiation emitting from the cell phones, and other equipment of electronics.
  3. Acting as the shield against the bacteria and germs.
  4. It possesses various beneficial features that contribute to a good health.

It is an integral part of metalworking techniques and fine jewellery world which gives an impressive outlook.