Top 5 Bangles With Polki Stones To Look Beautiful And Unique


Polki is treated with honor and dignity since ancient times. Polki made jewelry looks elegant and beautiful with a fine touch of traditional sweetness. Polkiis natural and uncut diamonds which have less brightness than fully cut diamonds. It symbolizes love, emotion, and memories.This jewelry can be worn with both ethnic and traditional outfits. Here are 5 types of churia can fit with polki stones to make it elegant,


A bangle watch is stylish and practical, with an advantage of time notifying time. These designer bangle come with different textures and styles with polka stones on it. It is best to wear a silver or gold bangle watch to look more luxurious. These can be worn with almost any outfits.


This are multiple pieces of bangles together which enhance your personality. Various gold and silver bangle with polki stones will be simple and shining. Polki stone-topped silver can be worn with a sundress.

Wood Bangles

Wood bangles are now a trendy fashion statement which is stylish and earthy. It adds a chunky bohemian look with different colored polki stones. You can wear it with a pair of trousers or a long skirt. Also, these bangles come up with different paintings and carving, stacked up with polki will add a unique personality.

Green Stone Polki

These bangles are designed with gold plated finish with yellow diamonds and green stones. Greenstone stacked bangles will enhance your look and make yourself more charming. It symbolizes a woman's love to classics. These creative,trendy bangles will reflect your style and commitment to your life.


Filigree bangle are all about metalwork and ornamentation. Jewelers use different ideas and techniques to create unique effects. Gold filigree chudia with polka will bring romance to any outfit you wear. With different styles and delightful textures, these bangles are popular in jewelry accessories.

Multicolor Designer Polki

These churia look bold and elegant with especially ethnic outfits like saree. These gold plating finished bangles with green, white, and crimson red colored stones are beautiful and ideal for weddings and other formal occasions. Also, these churia need careful and good maintenance and to keep it better avoid these churia from water and clean with soft cotton clothes.


Alankruthi bangles are classy and ethnic with exquisite designs. If you are bored of gold plated bangles, you should try these bangles. These bangles symbolize simplicity and love, alankruthi bangles with polka stones are quite stylish and fashionable which complement your ethnic look.

Polki with Gemstone

These bangles look mystical and luxurious. There are many styles of polka gemstone chudia are available online. With single gem and polki stone textured bangles are completely unique and charming. You can find these bangles online with various colored gems and textures and choose which suits your personality.

Online Shopping

A wide range of catalogs with different materials, various designs, and colors you can choose your favorite churia sitting on your couch, online shopping made it easy.You can buy for yourself, or it can be a gift for your closed ones.