Tissot Watches Creativity At Its Best


Designing watches with expertise:

Began its journey with pocket watch, Tissot has progressed themselves by constructing pendant pocket watches that achieved accolades from different countries like U.S.A., Russia and many others. By 1951, the brand has moved up to another level by creating Tissot Navigator- the world's first self-winding wrist watch that covers almost 24 time zones. It has never looked back from that point and has been rolling on the victorious way with constructing excellent watches.

Utilizing latest functions:

Tissot watches are popular among the watch admirers and aficionados for their unmatched performance. All the pieces of the brand has been built with most recent and sharp features like touch screen, Powermatic, perpetual calendar, moon phase and many more. These features are present in more or less every watch of the brand and assists in developing their precision.

Use of high end materials:

Tissot watches look appealing with their superior manifestation. If we focus on the watch materials, we see some unusual substances like aluminium and titanium. These two objects help in maintaining the lightness and durability of the watches. Steel case of the watches produce flexibility as well as lustre to the watches, while the two tone and golden respectively brings variance as well as charm at the wrist of the users.

Bunch of attractive and interesting colours like ivory, champagne, brown, mother of pearl, green and others have been added to the dials to make the watches tempting to the watchers. If you look at the case shape, you can see that apart from the circular case, Tissot watches are built with square, tonneau, oval and rectangular structured case. This is an example of the brand's innovative thinking.

Strap is one of the important parts of a watch that holds the case firmly. So, we focus on this section. Multiple types of strap, like – leather, gold plated, rubber, stainless steel, silicone, synthetic, fabric, two tone and titanium are offered with the models. Silicone and titanium are the two strap types that give the watches hardness and resilience. These straps types are also the most recent ones and an instance of the brand's unique thought.

Sizzling collections:

Handful of watch lines like Touch Collection, T Trend, T Sport, T Classic, T Lady and others have some of the brand's most desired watches. These watches are so emanating that you will be confused about which one to select. Both ladies and gents' watches are available in these lines.

T Classic:

As the name signifies it, watches of this excellent collection have a traditional flavour in them. The men's watches are large in size and have military like feeling in them. Roman numerals, sharp needle like hands heighten the looks of the watches. Within this collection there are several sub collections like Chemin Des Tourelles, Le Locle, Couturier, PR 100 and many more.

Chemin Des Tourelles :

This sub line is for men. Every singular watch from this line have boldness that reflects a fearless male watch wearer. Their big cases are built with steel. It assists in making the watches vigorous. Dials of these pieces are painted with muscular colours like black and silver. Silver dial matches with stainless steel strap of a model and enables to perfectly suit the wrist of a watch user.

Water resistance facility is offered with these watches. This function provides a shield to protect them from any kind of harm. There are other qualities like chronograph, Powermatic and skeleton dial that boosts the accomplishment level of these sturdy watches.

PR 100 :

This is a ladies sub line under the Tissot T Classic collection. Entire watches of this line have a charming fragrance that intensifies the glamour of a party going lady. The Tissot logo at the top of the dial carries the legacy of the brand.

Apart from the steel case, these watches also have titanium built watches. Speciality of titanium watches is that it does not stick at the wrist. These types of watches are ultra thin. Round shaped dials are polished with various colours like grey, silver, black, white and blue.

Leather, titanium, stainless steel and two tone straps are the types available with these charismatic timepieces. 30 to 100 meters water resistance property adds strength to these superb pieces.

Touch Collection:

Comprising of only men's watches, this collection has analogue-digital watches. This is a line containing some of the brand's colourful timepieces. Their sporty getup reflects the active mentality of a sportsperson. With the regular steel case, these watches also have aluminium and titanium case. Round shaped dials are varnished with tempting colours like orange, green, yellow and many more. These quartz watches require a battery that need to be replaced within a specific period.

Latest functions like barometer, compass, touch screen, multiple time-zone makes the pieces effective as well as fast. Water resistance within the distance of 30 to 300 meters is available with these watches. This feature helps to prolong the life of these touchy tickers.