Tissot TTrend Watches Feel Luxury While Staying Traditional


Tissot watches are synonymous with Innovation. They continue their walking on the path of victory by introducing ground-breaking timepieces. The history of the brand is enriched with many experimental thoughts that are revealed through the timepieces like wood watches, stone watches, anti-magnetic watches and so on. The brand stepped into the world of watchmaking with single movement two-time zone pocket watches in 1853. Since then, the brand never looks back. With the swift pace of time, they also renew themselves by welcoming new age of fashion. Tissot T- Trend is such a collection with which you can experience the classic architecture in a beautiful way.

For the onlookers, the T-Trend timepieces are just like the other collections of the brand. But for the avid lovers of Tissot, this collection is the conveyor of the brand's legacy in the timekeeping world. With an array of collections, they elevate the wrist-attire of the generation in a very bold and rhythmic way. The content deals with a few T-trend timepieces that offer a glimpse of the brand's creative journey:

The sleek and Beautiful watches adorn the wrists of women:

Tissot always heads to the creative things but it never misses the classic touch. This T05.5.345.81 also reflects the same thought. Maintaining a subtle and natural look, this watch is designed for women. This small dial watch is perfectly designed with an eloquent architecture. The white coloured dial maintains legitimacy with the black hands and indexes. The design gets even prominent with the logo and the established year – 1853 of the brand.

The rectangular dial has an awesome crafting:

The rectangular dial has always come with a thought of breaking the conventional architecture. This watch T061.510.11.061.00 also brings out the same thought. Designed for men's trend, this timepiece presents the brand's core thought of inducing a simple style. The black dial is brought alive with the silver coloured hands and indexes. The stainless steel strap sets a balancing note with the overall architecture of the watch.

Adding femininity to the design:

Tissot designs the T053.310.11.017.00 watch for depicting the grace of women. The smooth and soothing design will definitely touch everyone's heart. Clad in silver colour, this watch reveals the true beauty of women. The white dial has silver indexes and hands that are placed beautifully in the timepiece. The iconic logo on the dial elevates the charm of the watch.

The watch celebrates the bold look of women:

Today's women break all the traditional rules to make their own path of victory. From space to the Ocean, women have established their feet everywhere proudly. The timepiece T082. celebrates the fearless attitude of women. The 34mm black dial is glorified with silver hands and indexes. On the inky black colour, silver adds a glittering touch to it. Through this watch, the brand unfurls the classic elegance in a bold way. With a date displaying window at 3 o'clock position, this watch brings back the traditional charm.

Revealing the Nostalgic touch of the brand:

Tissot always stays true to its classic architecture. This T035.446.16.051.00 timepiece reflects the aesthetic look of traditional art through its beautiful design. The 39mm black dial takes you back in the history of brand's journey. Giving an elevated style a break, Tissot engineers this watch for those who appreciate the natural beauty. The excellence of watchmaking is visible through its cutting-edge technology and bold indexes. The dial is surrounded by a silver bezel that goes perfectly with the black leather strap. With this watch, men's personality will definitely get a nostalgic touch.

Tissot breaks the convention with T003.

A timepiece tells more than just times; it tells your personality, mood and fashion. This watch is for those ladies who are fearless in fulfilling their dreams. The 28mm silver dial has dew-drops that inject a new and fresh thought in the wearers. The look of the timepiece is such that it inspires the women to achieve their dreams. The stylish and bold glance of the watch is indeed hard to ignore. Added to this, the black leather strap meets the demand of the age.

Tissot is known for designing sporty and elegant timepieces. Its racing collection got fame across the whole world. The T-Trend collection also brings out the trend of the time through the designs of the timepieces. Men and women both can find the piece of luxury for complementing their fashion.