Tips Of Finding A Diamond In The Rough


Everyone knows what the 4 Cs of diamond shopping stand for; cut, color, carat, and clarity. But what do they actually mean?

The 4Cs of diamonds play an important role in their appearance and ultimately, the cost. As buying diamonds can be a challenging experience, here, we strive to make it straight forward, and simple.


The cut of a diamond is characterized as its most important aspect because it has the greatest impact on its overall beauty.

The cut represents how well it reflects light. This reflection of light is generally referred to as the sparkle. If the diamond has a shallow cut, the light will seep out or refract.

If it is cut in a precise manner, the light is reflected to the side. Ideal cut is when it is nether too deep, nor too shallow.


Color is actually the measure of lack of color in a diamond. This is the grading of whiteness of a diamond. According to the color grade, D grade is taken to be the highest and rarest grade which is a colorless diamond; a Z grade diamond reflects yellow and blue colors. After the cut, color is referred to as the second most important characteristic of a diamond.


Clarity is defined as the size and number of imperfections in a diamond. These imperfections occur in all natural diamonds, and they are usually so tiny that they are only detectable by microscope. These imperfections have different names in the world of gemology, including inclusions, and blemishes.

Diamonds which exhibit least imperfections have highest clarity grades. As the imperfections are usually microscopic, they do not affect a diamond's beauty in any visible way.


Carat is defined as a diamond's weight, and it may not necessarily be an accurate translation of its size. The carat of a diamond is analyzed by its cut grade and the distance from the top to the bottom of it, which is measured in millimeters. Many people tend to measure the size of the diamond by its circumference, as it is usually the only visible part. It is a practice which gives inaccurate results.

In addition to these 4Cs, diamond certification is another important aspect to consider when purchasing diamonds in order to make sure that they were obtained with cruelty free methods and are authentic in their cut, color, clarity, and carat.

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