Tips For Turquoise Jewelry Buyers


If you are looking for turquoise wholesalers, you need to look at the jewelry that can be found from Sterling Silver India. You will be able to find a variety of different turquoise jewelry and beyond from the online jewelry retailer that will give you the best prices that your money is going to buy.

What is in Turquoise?

Turquoise is a natural stone. It comes from the mines. You are going to find many people trying to sell turquoise jewelry that really is not true turquoise jewelry. If you really unsure, you need to ask about the authenticity of the jewelry. The origin of the turquoise (its region, state, mine) is what is going to inform buyers about its rarity. You need to ask where the stone is from and how many pieces the mine has produced. For example, you need to ask if there was a large or small supply and whether or not that turquoise is now extinct.

Keeping It Rich

If turquoise is small in size, hard in texture, rich in various colors and around a price tag of $7,000 or higher, then it is probably a natural gem and worth every cent.

Does it Have Character?

The veinlike marks that are on turquoise iscalled matrices. These marks are rare and highly desirable. A particular color, matrix or unusual streak can make the turquoise jewelry even more valuable.

The Name of the Jewelry

The artist's reputation is easy to come. You need to ask about the artist's background and about their Pueblo-specific techniques.

Hand Made

If turquoise jewelry is handmade, such as the pieces that are found under the portal of the Palace of the Governors, you should know that the price of the turquoise is going to be higher.

It is the Law

After a turquoise transaction takes place, it is very important that you ask for a written receipt that includes the artist, mine, state of turquoise (for example, is the stone natural or is the stone stabilized), place of purchase and the date of purchase. Under New Mexico's Indian Arts and Crafts Sales Act, the seller is required to disclose the types of materials used in the turquoise. Failure to disclose these lists of things is likely to entitle the consumer to a repayment of purchase price upon return of the item.


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