Tips For Buying And Using Crystals


When I was 15 or 16 my grandmother took me to a very cluttered metaphysical store hidden somewhere between Fort Worth & Dallas, Texas. I hail from a lineage of Chilean corianders (or healing women), so pit stops to new age shops were not out of the ordinary. However, this picky shopping trip was anything but normal.

My grandmother-a lover of crystals and rocks of all shapes and sizes, determined that it was time to purchase me my first stone. She asked me to look into the glass case near the cash register counter and choose out my favorite crystal. It didn't take me time-consuming to choose the type of stone I liked. “The round ones in the curve” I said. The round stones were crystal quartz spheres less than one inch in diameter. The woman behind the counter told me to choose which of the spheres I felt I required the most.

I truly didn't know how to answer. I thinking I wanted one, but then was drawn to another, so the woman said, “Let me make it easier for you. Choose your very favorite two of the bunch.” I did so and afterwards the clerk put one sphere into every of my palms saying, “OK. Go take a peek around the store. Forget about the crystals in your hands. You'll know which one is meant for you, belief me.”

With that I started wandering about the shop. I keep in mind looking at animal totem books and tarot decks. All things in the store fascinated me. I wanted it all. I continued to check the store until after about fifteen minutes when I suddenly felt a strong electric shock run through my palm. It was strong enough to make me gasp. I directly looked at the clerk and said, “What did you do? Are you trying to play a trick on me?” everybody in the shop looked at me like I was foolish. The female responded very calmly, “What are you talking about?” I responded, “You must have several sort of a remote control back there-you've messed around with the crystals, right?” She just looked at me like I was insane saying, “I truly don't know what you're talking about. There are no remote controls. They are crystals miss.” She then gave me a little wink and then said, “It looks like the crystal chooses you.”

A Colorful Path to Healing

I bring my crystal home that night and have been a crystal enthusiast ever since. After that day I learned that special types of crystals contain special healing properties. The type of healing that crystals bring is sometimes physical, but additional often people advantage from crystals emotionally, spiritually and emotionally. The crystal type and color are frequently closely related to what types of healing properties they contain. For instance pink and green stones such as rose quartz and jade are great for healing crystals affecting issues and relate to the heart chakra, which is the “green chakra.” Yellow stones are typically related to the solar plexus chakra, which is known to be yellow. Citrine is a regular stone used to heal solar plexus related issues such as troubles with confidence and own power.

Crystal Pulsations

I learned too that I am amongst a small percentage of people that can believe the “pulse” of crystals. I have, on the other hand, tested most of my friends and am for all time amazed when they too can feel a crystal's ordinary rhythm. So, it may be more common than people think.

A crystal healing pulse feels like electricity emanating from the crystal into your hand. every so often the crystal's energy can feel hot or cold and regularly the energy can feel like it is shooting up through your arm or migrating. Additional times the sensation is localized-resonating in one very specific area of your body-most likely an area that needs healing. The greatest time to feel a crystal pulse is after cleansing your precious crystals in the light of a full moon. To do this you simply set your crystals near a window and go away the blinds open during the night.

Choosing your Crystals

Knowing a bit about crystal traditional healing utilizes and crystal pulsations is actually helpful in selection out crystals, but my desired method is the method I used the night my first crystal choose me.

To try it yourself-walk around a crystal store and just select whatever crystals stick out to you. If you feel a pulse from any particular crystals that are a huge sign that that crystal might contain a healing property that you require. Small electric shock sensations, heat, coolness, and feelings of peace and calm are also great indicators of a crystal match. Several people might even experience a tingling in a particular chakra-specially the third eye chakra. If you don't feel anything-don't fret! Select a couple of crystals you really love for any reason. My best tip is doing over-think it. Don't even read the informational cards that are sometimes provided, but be sure to jot down what kind of crystals you buy so you won't forget. When you get home and read more about your crystals online you'll maybe find that they are the perfect remedy for whatever you are going through.

Cleansing Crystals

To the side from moonlight cleansing you can also cleanse crystals in sunlight, bury your crystals in the earth or sea salt, submerges them in water, make use of white light visualization techniques, or burn sage near them. It's very essential to cleanse crystals after buying them, because crystals absorb energy and there is no way to know what kind of energy they may have absorbed from the store you bought them from or even where they were before they ended up there.

Meditation and Uses for Crystals

There is no best way to exploit crystals as what certain types can recommend vary from stone to stone and from day to day depending on your own energy and requirements. Crystals can be carried around in your bag to clear energy or protect you, they can be used in meditation to help accomplish certain goals-increased intuition, good focus, more peace and calm, etc and they can be used for manifestation. One of my best ways to use healing crystals in manifestation is to create a crystal grid by making a grid out of crystals that I feel resonate with my energy and what I am trying to manifest.

How You Can Learn More

The best way to study about crystals is to establish your own relationship with crystals. Start by buying 3-5 crystals if you want to Online Buy Healing Crystals that are very different from one another and study the way they make you feel, if they have pulsations, and what type of images they bring up when you meditate with them. There's really no wrong way to go about starting a crystal collection and it can be pretty addicting. Between my crystal shopping adventures, my grandmother's hand-me-down stones and mineral gifts from friends I now own well over a hundred stones and plus. Even if you're a skeptic or will never feel a crystal pulse it still doesn't harm to have a few crystals to around. The worst-case situation is that you'll have a really pretty object hanging out in your room secretly healing you.