Things To Verify Before Stepping Into Diamond Jewellery Stores


Who doesn't want to go diamond shopping? It is such a joy, isn't it? However, diamond shopping can also be challenging and confusing, if you don't do your research. Here are some things to verify before you step into one of the diamond jewellery stores Khar West is home to:


  • Grading of diamonds
  • Diamonds are graded based on their colour. Colourless diamonds are considered among the best, in the D-F range. The almost colourless are in the G to J range. The faintly coloured diamonds are in the K to M range. The very light yellow coloured diamonds are in the N to R range. The S to Z range ones are lightly coloured diamonds. Although the difference in colour is subtle, it contributes to the price and quality and price of the diamond. A grading certificate or report goes a long way in deciding whether a diamond is a top-grade and authentic one or not.

    • Seek clarity

    The rarest of diamonds are the ones which have no blemishes and cannot be spotted by the naked eye. These are the most expensive, and no blemishes or inclusions can be spotted even under a 10x zoom by an expert. These go by the 'F' (flawless) tag. The internally flawless diamonds (IF) are the ones that flaws that are external and can be wiped out. If the diamond has blemishes that are hard to detect, but can be found only by an expert under the lens, then they are bracketed in the VVS1-VVS2 range (very, very slightly included). If the blemishes are minor and can be seen when magnified, although tough, they are bracketed under the VS1-VS2 category. When blemishes can be seen under a 10x zoom, they are in the SI1-SI2 bracket. Diamonds with blemishes can be seen with your naked eye and are in the I1-I3 group.

    • Mind the cut

    If a diamond is extremely well cut, it is 'ideal'. The next cut of top quality is 'excellent'. This is followed by 'very good', then 'good' followed by 'fair' and the last category being 'poor'.

    • Carat and weight

    Among other aspects that you should verify when you step into one of the diamond jewellery stores Khar West is the unit that measures the size of a diamond. The unit is called the carat. The bigger the size of the diamond, the greater the price.

    • Mind the certification

    One of the most important aspects when you shop for diamonds is the certification. Check if the store offers a certificate. Among the certificates that are widely recognised are the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA), the International Gemmological Institute (IGI) and the European Gemmological Laboratories (EGL). The certificate offers all kinds of information on the four Cs.

    Now that you know all about the four Cs when it comes to buying a diamond, go ahead, choose from among the many designer diamond sets and make it your own.