Things To Consider While Purchasing Jewellery Abroad


Find a Chinese jewellery agent

While it is possible to choose the products immediately from the manufacturer, the conventional way to do business is purchasing the jewellery through an agent. The main reason why many people use real estate agents is because the manufacturers usually don't accept international money payment methods such as PayPal. Thereby, now you can shop bracelets online in a hassle free manner.

The agent will buy the products on your behalf and ships them for you then. Just like in any other business, you should ensure that the agent you work with is of high integrity. The best way of finding an established agent is through recommendations.

Employ a translator

While many costume jewelry wholesalers are bilingual, it's common to find a good agent who only speaks the native language. In that situation you'll have to hire a translator. For fast and successful business you should hire a reliable translator.

The simplest way of finding a reliable translator is by exploring the best organizations offering the best translators. You'll find a great translator through your embassy also.

Trend cautiously

Before you get the products in volume, you should ensure that the products you need it are genuine. This calls that you can first choose the products in small portions and then test them. Once you've recognized that the products are genuine, you should now get them in mass.

If you want to see the wholesale jewelry China personally before these are bought by you, you should travel to China with your tester set.

Be Knowledgeable

Along with hiring an agent, you need to teach yourself about the guidelines of importing jewelleries. A great way of getting all the given information is visiting online sites that deal with jewellery importation.

You can also visit the country that you are enthusiastic about importing from and get first-hand information. If you go to the country you have to know the utmost amount that you will be permitted to return with to your country without paying taxes. You have to know the way to handle huge amounts also.


These are tips how to buy jewelleries abroad easily. If you think it makes sense to first go to the country before you make a purchase, you should make sure that you visit during jewellery trade shows or other events where sellers are gathered. While browsing, you should be careful of “too good to be true” bargains. You should be careful about the secret meetings also. These are some of the aspects you should keep in mind when you plan to shop bracelets online.