The Various Choices You Would Get In Memorial Jewelry


As you are looking through the lots of options of cremation jewelry to suit your budget, style and choice, you may try these combinations, which are really great suggestions while keeping in mind the various needs and choices of people.

Budget options

If you have to choose the memorial jewelry in a budget, then there are many exciting ways of getting budget friendly urn jewelry.

  • Choose steel as steel has a long life and its color will never be tarnished. Steel may lose shape if subjected to very high force or extreme heat. But normally being worn on your neck or wrist, this may not get into such unfavorable conditions, and hence would give you a long service in protecting the ashes of your loved one, and keeping it in contact with your body throughout. Moreover, steel is inexpensive, and anyone may afford stylish steel pendants or steel beaded wristlets.
  • Choose glass beads for they are inexpensive, and would shine and reflect light, and would give you great style. You may also choose crystal, which would be more costly than glass, but yet in a manageable budget.

Style options

If you are concerned about looking stylish in your memorial jewelry, you have some other option in metals.

  • You may choose gold and you would get gold in many shades too. White gold would have the luster of gold and white color like platinum. Rose gold would have a very sober rose tint and the luster of gold and the conventional yellow gold will never lose its market.
  • You may choose titanium or platinum if you elevate your budget higher. These are precious metals, and can help you get amazing carvings while giving you the feel of wearing something which is precious in terms of price and for the emotional value to you.
  • Diamonds and crystals also can be made to hold the ashes, and they are made in such a manner when you order beforehand. Then these diamonds or crystals may be used in making rings, pendants, wristlets, bracelets and other cremation jewelry.

Jewelry options

Now, if you think that what options you may get while choosing memorial jewelry, here are the popular choices:

  • Pendants- these are to be worn on the neck, and you may buy a matching chain to hang the pendant, or may hang it with any chain of your choice. The pendant would be hollow inside and contain little amount of the ashes. You may get it sealed from the supplier or do it on your own in simple steps.
  • Necklaces- These are ready chain and pendant combinations with all the same facilities like pendants.
  • Wristlets- these are to be worn on your wrist and you may choose it to have several beads each containing the ashes in small parts, or may choose it to have one big bead with the ashes. There are many choices in wristlets designs and bead styles.
  • Rings- It would contain a box design, where it would hold the small amount of ashes inside, and the covered metal or stone would act as the flap or hood of the box.

These are the many options you would get when choosing urn jewelry.