The Swiss Timepieces Reveal The Sophistication Of Men


Omega is one of the leading watchmakers with an array of beautiful collections like Constellation, De Ville, Seamaster and Speedmaster

Omega De Ville

The De Ville collection contains an array of watches for men with attractive features like analogue and chronograph scales, date display to keep you alert every moment, power reserve for long battery-life. Leather, stainless steel and two-tone straps are used to add charm to the various designs.

Omega Constellation

Constellation is the most sought-after collection from the brand Omega. Watches of the collection are simple in their appearance. They contain exquisite features like analogue and chronograph scales, co-axial chronometer for accurate timekeeping, date display and day date to keep one updated every moment, power reserve to extend the battery-life. The round-shaped dials silver, grey and blue bezel adds to the beauty of the watches.

Omega Seamaster

Seamaster is a collection meant for specific aquatic sports like diving. To fit the divers, the watches are water-resistant upto 300 meters. It contains many features like compass for getting exact sea-direction, day date and date display to keep one alert every moment. Analogue scale gives traditional look with accurate time keeping. Round-shaped dials with blue, black, golden and silver bezel to add the charm of the timepieces. A lot of leather types are available for different looks of the watches.

Omega Speedmaster

Speedmaster is a collection made for adventure sports like racing, cycling and so on. The watches have tachymeter, chronograph and analogue scales for different watches. Date display is available for keeping one alert every time. Co-axial chronometer gives it the refined getup.

Tag-Heuer is a renowned Swiss watch brand which manufactures an array of lustrous watches for males with traditional, modern and sporty looks. Some popular men's watch collections from the brand are Aquaracer, Formula 1, Connected and so on.

Tag-Heuer Aquaracer

Aquaracer is a collection of watches mainly constructed for people associated with water sports. It is embedded with attractive features like alarm clock, day date and date display to keep one updated all the time. Its analogue and chronograph scales match the splendid looks of the watches. It's another unique feature is its rotating bezel. They are also water-resistant to protect from damage due to water.

Tag-Heuer Formula 1

Formula 1 is a collection made to fit the hands of F1 Grand Prix drivers. They are very attractive with sporty getup. The feature in it contains day date, date display and alarm clock to keep one vigil all the time. The combination of analogue, chronograph and tachymeter scales gives accurate time. It's 41 and 43 meter round dials are coloured in black, blue, white and silver bezel. The straps are built with ceramic, rubber, stainless steel, silicon and so on. The steel cases add the sportiness of the watches.

Tag-Heuer Connected

Tag-Heuer Connected is a collection of timepieces known for sleek and simple designs. Among the various features that it contains includes chronograph and analogue scales for accurate time keeping. Alarm clock, day date and date display are included to keep one attentive every moment.