The Strikingly Different Princess Cut Diamonds


If you want an engagement ring which portrays and conveys your undying love for wearer, princes diamond rings might be a great choice for you. When you have so many different options to choose from, it becomes difficult to make your mind up for anything specific. Jewelry is such a personal choice and the taste and preference of the woman to wear it make it difficult to find the most suitable one. If you want to, however, make a bold statement about your feelings for her, a princess cut engagement ring is what you need.

This is a beautiful cut with very high reflective factor. It is either square or rectangular in shape and that offers a strikingly different appeal, compared to the other popular cuts. Mostly, these diamonds are square in shape and this is a great choice if you are a fan of solitaires as a single diamond will create a stunning glow, without the aid of accentuating stones. This stone is great for women with longer fingers. It is also chosen for its sharp and brilliant look. It is often called a quadrillion cut due to the four sided shape.

Princess cut is a relatively new cut which was invented in the 1960s. This is becoming increasingly popular for people who want unique, bright and easily customizable solitaires. In the round cut, there are no corners as they are cropped off and this cut is so popular that you can find it everywhere. However, as the corners are retained in the princess cut, it creates a strikingly different aura around the ring.

This is a sophisticated and classy cut, without any doubt. It fits into any women's hand who has long fingers. Princess cut, however, is possible to be derived only from very high quality which sends a status and style message which is unique. While not always true, generally, this cut has a slightly higher wastage per carat when compared to the round CutRings. That makes princess cut diamonds comparatively costlier. However, often two princess cuts can be derived from one uncut stone but only one round cut is possible. This compensates the wastage and brings the cost down for princess cut diamonds.

However, whenever you are buying a princess CutRings, go for the certified ones. They have their 4Cs clearly mentioned and come with a certificate of assurance from GIA which gives you the security you need while spending so much money