The Perplexing Gift


If you are reading this, you must certainly be a jewelry lover or hunting for the best personalized jewelry for yourself or for a friend or relative.

Well, if you are a male, then you must be struggling heads down to find the perfect gift for your wife, sister, fiance, girlfriend or mother. If yes, then you are at the right destination.

Chances are high that you are purchasing a piece of jewelry for the first time. Well, you lack the knowledge about how and what jewelry to buy. As it's a gift to the special woman in your life; you definitely do not want to go wrong.

So, here's your guide to find the best personalized jewelry for your special one

Guide to Jewelry Buying

  • Close to her heart: What does she wear everyday; a bracelet with a charm or a tiny chain with initials? If she does, then add another special one to this piece, which is close to her heart. Get her a new charm with memories of your 10th anniversary celebrations, recent holiday or any other special moment.
  • Dig into her Jewelry Box: A great idea is to dig into her jewelry box and delve into what she owns. You could complete one of her incomplete sets. For instance: Buy a pair of earrings or bracelet matching her existing necklace or so.
  • Shop Together: Usual women tendency is to look at all things for women at the store; regardless of whether you are shopping for her or not. So, go shopping together and closely observe the things her eyes are on.
  • Women understand women: Why not ask her friends about her preferences and tastes? It will help you choose the right thing for her, which she will happily wear; not to forget flaunt.
  • Be prepared: You have never ever bought jewelry before. Odds are high that you be completely lost when hunting for the prefect piece of jewelry. It is therefore advisable to browse online, gain some hands-on knowledge before you set your ignition on and set out shopping.
  • The Occasion: Is there a special day or occasion coming up? Is she preparing for a friend's or relative's wedding or a party? If yes, then look at her dress and find something matching the same. She will be proud to wear her new gift with her new dress.
  • Actions speak louder than words: Who does not like to wear a piece of personalized jewelry. Most women do. So, get her name or initials or an I Love You message engraved on the bracelet or ring you are buying for her.
  • Match it with her style: While some women love the chandeliers hanging by their ears, others love the diamond studs adorning their ears. Consider the receiver's style while buying the special gift.

Buy the special gift for the special one using these guidelines and watch her rave about your gift for days and moths to come. For, you certainly want her to appreciate as well as wear the gift, and not just save it up for another day.