The Perfect Wedding Jewellery For Every Bride


Wedding is a 'once-in-a-lifetime' event and undoubtedly every to-be bride is both excited and nervous at once. She has a million thoughts gushing through her mind. Both the families spend months deciding the venue, the menu, the dresses, etc. Jewellery is another important element of the wedding. The bride is the centre of attraction on the day of her wedding. She ought to look the best. From her engagement ring to her diamond earrings to her wedding pendant, everything is going to be noticed. This is why it's important for her to make the right choices. Selecting wedding jewellery is as difficult as selecting the right life partner.That is why jewelry is precious. It makes every moment precious. It adds dazzle to every occasion that you cherish. It makes every union and every celebration memorable by just being a part of it.

The age old purity and authentic glitter of jewelry is unbeaten even today. The precious metals, gold, silver, platinum, palladium, as well as gemstones and diamonds have universally topped a woman's essentials from time immemorial. Now the precious metals remain the same, but they have now got a makeover with technology becoming a part of craftsmanship.

We see a drastic change in the way jewelry is designed now. From the bulky and solid designs that they once used to be, they have become more stylish and subtle. Of course, they were tremendously attractive even then, only they have got sleeker with changing times.

D'amor presents an ideal guide for selecting the right wedding jewellery for all the brides to be:

Is your wedding the traditional types?

If your look is one of those classic traditional looks then the ideal jewellery for you would be a Kundan Necklace and matching earrings, everything in glittering gold will do justice to your traditional theme. You can check out D'amor's timeless gold earrings designs to match your theme. Wearing a 'Maang-Tikka' and a traditional Nose ring would be just perfect for the traditional bride.

Are you the not-so-traditional type bride?

You don't like the traditional heavy jewellery then we suggest that you go for white gold. Diamond drop earrings would be an ideal one for you. White gold will keep your look modern and classic. If your dress is a cool coloured dress like blue, turquoise, green shades, then white gold or silver should be your jewellery base. Warm colours go better with gold bases while cool colours go hand in hand with Silver or White gold bases.

Be the sparkling bride