The Journey Of Larimar Stone To Prized Jewelry


Whenever any excellent item is available only in limited quantity, it becomes precious. Things which are found in abundance are not considered to be that precious. The more a substance is rare, the greater is its value to the humans. Larimar jewelry is formed out of rocks known as Larimar, so the jewelry is called Larimar jewelry. The location of this type of rocks is very unique. It is found only in the Dominican Republic, a nation in the Caribbean's. The color of these rocks is blue and is quite different to other rocks that are found. This rock comes out through the volcanoes.

The origin of Larimar

You can get this type of rock through mining activities in the volcanic mountains. They have been discovered to the modern day man during the seventies, but there are accounts from history which suggest that these materials were used in the olden days too. The high popularity is due to the unique appearance that it has. The blue luster of Larimar stone is the magnetic feature of this rock and is the reason for its wide popularity. These materials come out of the mountains due to volcanic activities thousands of years ago. The locals mine these products, and the crudeness of them adds to their value.

Blue color is the most attractive

The Larimar jewelry is generally set using silver. Blue is the most appealing color of Larimar. There are other color variants too. These different color grades are priced differently. If you want to purchase Larimar, you need to consider the type you would buy as per your budget. These forms of stones are used for making diverse ranges of jewelry. There are large varieties of earring that are made out of it. Since these items are colored, you need to take adequate care of these materials. The natural sunlight causes the blue rocks to oxidize. This happens when the surface is white in color. Care must be taken that Larimar jewelry should not be kept on a white surface.

Prices are very high when they are exported

As the Larimar stone is mined locally in the Dominion Republic, the stones are not that costly. The ornaments using Larimar are made on the road side shops and readily available to the local people. Anyone who wants to buy these ornaments can do so from the sellers who sell these products to customers directly. When these materials get exported to other countries, their prices are raised exorbitantly. The affluent people residing in the rich countries are able to purchase these materials.

They are believed to have healing characteristics

On polishing these stones, you get the desired shines. These stones are also believed to have healing effects. People have this belief from the bygone days that it takes away the negative strengths around. It cools down the human mind and helps to enhance the power of concentration. The polished Larimars are always in demand for their beauty and the unique power of creating a tension-free mind.

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