The Evolution Of Beaded Jewellery


It is interesting to know how beautiful beaded jewelry came into being. There is a belief that people started to wear beaded jewelry as long ago as 70, 000 years. When beads and gems were discovered, they actually took the fancy of humans and that is when people started using beads and gents in variety of ways. For their beauty and charm beaded jewelry is preferred by people all over the world. There is a huge market for beaded jewelry and it has been in existence for many centuries. In some cultures there was a practice of using beads as talisman.

It is interesting to know how beaded jewelry was imbibed into various cultures. From time immemorial bead bracelet for men has been a part of men's jewelry. In the past men in power could alone sport beaded jewelry.

The first beaded jewelry

Since men and women were attracted by the beautiful beads they wanted to keep those beads with them as prized possession. However, in those days there was no proper way of storing precious items. That is why beads were attached to leather straps and worn around neck. We can say this is how the first beaded jewelry was created. It was usually the practice among the wealthy and powerful to own beads and wear them in this manner. In those times also beads were traded as valuable items and people get them in their close custody.

A secret art

Handcrafted beaded jewelry has a long history. They were made out of different types of beads. Craftsmen created beads out of glass, shells, clay, bone, porcelain, gemstones, metals, ivory, paper, and also with wood. But it was a secret craft and the bead makers did not share it with anyone and the secret of bead making was passed on by one generation to the next. This was a quite serious affair and if bead makers failed to protect the secret, they had to pay with their lives.Bead bracelet for women was given away as part of bridal trousseau by those who could afford, in those times.

The modern day beads

It was only in the 19th century that bead making began in mass scale. Gradually, glass beading gained popularity and Swarovski came up with special beads. Swarovski beads are still very popular and considered quite precious. The secrecy with bead-making still remains asthe process adopted by Swarovski to create beads is still not known. Even todayBead bracelet for men and women are extremely popular. There are available in variety of qualities and prices.

Beads from different parts of the world

Beads were created differently across the world. Being made with hands there were different processes to create beads which became the mark of specific cultures. One can relate quill andwampum creations central and South America. Craftsmen in this part of the world mainly made use of silver and turquoise. Bead bracelet for men in silver, ivory, and turquoise is still very popular

In France, people took to bead-making as early as today 38,000 B.C. In Greece ceramic beads, Filigree and worry beads were created and Murano glass beads originated in Italy. There are several other countries where beads were created by skilled craftsman and were high in demand.

Till today Bead Bracelet for Women and men are worn to accentuate the look of various dresses. Women blend bead bracelets with a variety of dresses, but men tend to opt them for a more casual look.