The Classic Elegance Meets Modern Boldness With Victorinox Maverick Women39s Watches


Victorinox is the first Swiss Brand that successfully brought out the sturdiness of Swiss Army.The crafting and the architecture of the brand symbolize the fashion of the time by adding an adventurous appeal to their timepieces.Each collection expresses the different level of creativity that manages to sustain a distinguished note of appearance.

The brand has a special interest in uttering men's boldness through timepieces.But not only its men's collection adds fame to its victorious journey, but women's timepieces celebrate their free and loving spirit through the timepieces.

Maverick collection comes with an amazing blend of classic appeal and modern creativity.The edgy look of the timepieces unfurls women's fearless steps.The onlookers of these watches definitely feel a connection between architecture and the gesture of today's women.The content expresses women's Maverick collection to offer you some true gesture of the brand.


The rich brown dial exudes the cutting-edge feature of the brand.The architecture of the dial is designed in such a way that it offers a depth in design.Through its appearance, it reveals the expression of the determined women.

With each strike of design, it offers the bold look of confident women.The 34 mm brown colored dial is glorified with luminous hands and indexes.Even having an exaggeration, the dial offers a grand look that is adorned with extraordinary features.


The soothing blue appearance of the timepiece expresses the tendering gesture of women.In every detail of the model, there is a fine craftsmanship that beholds women's beauty.The architecture adds a depth that offers a creative style.With 100 meters water resistance and the quartz movement, it celebrates the heroic appeal of the age.


This timepiece is extraordinary in design.Its glamorous appeal beautifies the sophisticated gesture of women.The 34mm blue colored dial offers an edgy look of the model.The golden hands and indexes brought alive the blue dial.

Even having a grand appeal, this watch falls in the same line of other Swiss Army watches.You can feel the boldness in detailing that will take your hearts away.With 100 meters water resistance and the quartz movement, this timepiece definitely elevates your fashion.

The Maverick collection offers dual architectures: one presents classic beauty and the other one, upfront modern style.Each detail of the timepiece is crafted in a bold way that raises the adventuring spirit of women.As they mold themselves with the changing gesture of time, these timepieces also don different meanings with the style of the attire.