The Amber Beads Are Known To Be Great Teething Necklaces


There are various kinds of amber that are available in huge number all around the world. Due to its beautiful color and various shapes that such stones are available. Such a stone turns out to be a great jewelry option among the people. But it is often seen that other than the jewelry made with the help of the amber some of the mother swears by them as teething necklaces. But it is a common question that usually arises is whether the beads that are made with the amber can be used as a teething necklace or not and if it is safe at the same time!

The theory behind using amber as teething necklace:

If you have a baby who is struggling with the teeth then it is important to note that they will need something that will help them in teething. The best thing that can help them in the teething process is the amber beads that are found in the market. But like every other worried mom you too might question whether they are safe are not or how do they help. The scientific theory behind the amber beads necklace being used as a teething necklace is that when the amber necklace is worn by the baby, the body heat of the baby helps in the release of a small amount of oil which has succinic in them. This is a natural thing that happens in the body but the oil that is absorbed in the process provides an analgesic effect on the teeth and gums of the baby that are sore.

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Though there is no scientific evidence or medical validity behind the relive of the pain with the help of the amber necklace that is used for teething. But due to the absence of drug in them and the amber being natural the analgesic that is released works as a painkiller for the sore teeth or gum of the baby.

There are certain risks to such teething necklaces:

As a vigilant parent it is essential to know that there are certain risks involved with such teething necklaces.

The first and the foremost risk of such amber necklaces that is used for teething is that the child might just gnaw them off and get choked for the same and reason which not all but some of the pediatricians don't recommend amber necklace for the teething process.

One risk that is always involved with such amber necklace is that they might pose strangulation risk which is a reason that some of the parents avoid using the amber necklace as a teething tool for their baby.

So, if you have been thinking of using the teething necklace for the babies then one need to make sure that they are always vigilant while their baby devours in them so as to avoid mishaps from happening. This teething tool is natural and is good for the sore teeth and gum of the baby.