TechnoMarine Titanium Reef Collection Chronograph Men39s Watch


This TechnoMarine Titanium Reef Collection Chronograph Men's watch is a stylish and sporty watch that combines exotic materials to precision functionalities to create a fashionable staple for the active man to enjoy.

Black carbon and titanium is a rare union at this low a price! Technomarine keeps true to its promise of delivering exceptional timepieces with the Titanium Men's watch. With its attributes of freedom intact both in its construction and design, it pours in elegant touches full tilt into the whole ensemble.

The TechnoMarine Titanium Men's watch has been constructed within strict guidelines, thus maintaining highest of standards. The technical excellence of the brand shows not only through its precision movement, shock and water resistance but also through its distinctive design. The caged crown is a bright example to that. It's an orange-painted metal blob within a grey metal cage; it maintains parity with the case while putting up a fair bit of brightness for use in the dark.

The TechnoMarine California Cruise Collection Chronograph TM-515001 Men's watch, being made from titanium, is strong, durable and lightweight at the same time, making it an ideal watch suitable for vigorous activities, both in- and outdoors. It makes the TechnoMarine Titanium Men's watch an everyday sports luxury piece. Overall wearability of the Titanium Men's watch, despite its rather buxom dimensions, puts up a nifty presence.

The dial is not purely carbon, though; it's rough, untreated carbon blended with alloy materials. The layout is also different from the average chronograph where the small-seconds and one of the chrono-counters change place. It indeed brings in a fresh look. The chronograph counters, separated by an orange border, leaves nothing to guesswork.

The TechnoMarine JellyFish Reef Collection Chronograph TM-515001 Men's watch offers a sapphire crystal to ensure maximum scratch resistance and optimum visibility all throughout. It is aluminium oxide crystallized at extremely high temperatures and ranks 9 on the MOHS hardness scale. You want to damage it, strike it against diamond!

So, what is the biggest point that drives you to the TechnoMarine Titanium Men's watch? Quality that is well constructed would be the best answer to the question but that it's a serious sports watch that can also be fun to wea is perhaps the biggest reason behind. It makes for a great summer companion and a surprising hit from TechnoMarine.

The TechnoMarine Titanium Men's watch is a sports watch that runs double-duty, both in shallow waters and on the shore. It's unique due to its exotic materials and design scheme and brings a lot of fun wearing being big and funky.