TechnoMarine California Cruise Collection Chronograph TM115014 Unisex Watch


This aquamarine Technomarine California Cruise Chronograph lives up to its name! The TechnoMarine Unisex Watch is presented in its true colours one might say! What's 'marine' enough if it's not in blue?

The TechnoMarine California Chronograph Unisex Watch is stylish enough to suit all tastes, especially when you are bit tired of wearing 'men' watches for a while. Those breezy shirts and three-quarters and hiking boots in the most happening pubs too need something fitting to go with. It is not possible with your ultra-tech super-watch, which is specifically for times when you are going for a day (or days) out by the seaside, desert, mountains or rough terrains for some serious fun and frolic.

The TechnoMarine Unisex Watch – despite its unisex descriptive – is bold and stylish enough to allure the outgoing, who are more into the urban side of fun. It can withstand the dips in the pool; showers and other regular water contact. Even beer and coffee!

The various shades of blue and light blue offer enough glam to get heads turning. It's in for a change of mood and a switch-up to the look! Sporting an intricate design and sub-dial system, the TechnoMarine Unisex Watch is precise on time and measurement.

TechnoMarine is a comparatively new brand, if you don't already know about it. It will be in its 20th in 2017. The French are said to have a thing (or two) about watches, so when business man and diving enthusiast Franck Dubarry designs with the deep sea in mind, the product is ought to be a good one. Here, French expertise employs Swiss technology to create the TechnoMarine Unisex Watch; an actual, functional chronograph with regular timekeeping functions, including date.

In times when chronographs are abundant in the market, TechnoMarine engineers something for recreational divers and swimmers but it's not meant only for water-sports. It actually suits a city-life much better than many of the colossal sports watches flashing on your face. The TechnoMarine Unisex Watch has a subtle yet dazzling presence that gleams where need be.

The TechnoMarine Unisex Watch has a rare quality; it's curved around the case with integrated straps. It brings a nice, flowing look around the wrist. Sadly, this doesn't show when it's off the wrist. The curvy looking case houses a dial with a very balanced, technical look. The case is topped with a rotating bezel; well-made and makes a smart fashion statement. Alternatively, you can track your parking meter with it and cut parking costs. Or, you may just time anything! It makes countdowns easier to track. The Unisex Watch has some weight to it but it's heavy to the point where it assures its presence.

It's a good, symmetrical mix of plain v/s split time-measuring where the wavy pattern at the bottom (and the round date-hole) brings the necessary asymmetry to keep things from boring. Yet, this three-hand model is a more straight-forward one with sharp and bold colours, including that on the chapter ring along the periphery of the dial, which again – in terms of stature and demeanour – proves the TechnoMarine California Collection Chronograph TM-115014 Unisex Watch to be a most serious piece.