Take Care Of Your Engagement Ring


Taking care of your engagement diamond is important as they would remind you of the memorable day forever. One shouldn't be reckless regarding these rings.

People who remove the ring before sleeping must protect it during the night. The best way to ensure that the jewllery is where you left it in the night is to use a ring holder.

Simply putting the bands down for the night on the bedside table is inviting trouble. While restless sleepers might unknowingly cause disturbances and the ring might fall from the table, pets can also climb the table and while playing there might make the ring fall down. Searching for it and finding it wouldn't be easy once you lose it.

Ring holders are the perfect solution to this. Whenever the bands are to be removed from the fingers, these bands holders can work as the perfect safe. People often tend to remove the ring while handling raw meat, mixing dough or washing dishes and keep it on the side of the sink. This is a dangerous practice. Once it goes down the sink, it would be next to impossible to find the ring.

When you are spending a high amount and buying a specially designed unique engagement ring from a reputed jeweler, they generally offer insurance for the same. It is wiser to opt for this insurance.

If you have received the ring from other sources, like inheriting it in the family or purchasing it from a second-hand jewelry seller, your jeweler should be able to appraise the ring and offer you insurance for the same, for an added cost. It is highly recommended that you insure the ring as soon as you receive it.

When compared to the original value of the diamonds, the insurance premiums shouldn't be much. Nobody wants to imagine the worst possible but one should be ready for the same. Insurance policies, while unable to return you the bands which might have a high emotional value, can, at least, refund the financial value of the diamonds. Insurance policies cover risks like permanent damage, loss and theft of the ring.

After you have selected the most perfect engagement ring, either by buying it from a reputed jeweler or by inheriting it, you must take care of it. Both of these acts, using a ring holder and buying an insurance policy, are recommended by experts all over the world.