Styles And Makes You May Expect In Your Keepsake Jewelry


You would be overwhelmed with the designs available in cremation necklaces. There are vivid designs, all made in different style, design, make, size and finish. If you love the golden color, you would get pendants in gold, and if you love the silver color you would get silver and oxidized color pendants. There are steel pendants too for those who would rather invest on durability than precious metals. Hence you have a lot of choices when choosing urn jewelry.

What are the various metals used in urn necklaces?

While choosing your keepsake jewelry, you would get many choices in the make and metal. The main target is to use a metal or stone, which would be non-reactive to the ashes kept inside. Sometimes ashes are infused into the jewelry while making it, and then the pendant or jewelry has to be preordered. That is why the choice of non reactive metals or material is important.

You may choose any from glass beads, crystals, stainless steel, platinum or titanium, gold in many shades, and also diamond. There are crystal and diamond cremation jewelry which are made directly with the ashes after they get the order. And then there are glass and crystal bead urn jewelry too. The steel and titanium or gold are the metal jewelry choices and some are chosen for a budget price and more durability, while some are chosen for style and show and for being precious.

Gold is available in many shades like while gold, rose gold and yellow gold. Hence in a single metal also you get a lot of choices in color and looks.

What are the various designs available?

Designs of the keepsake jewelry are formed while keeping in mind the main requirement and that is storage. So that you may store the ashes inside, the designs are made to hold a little amount of matter inside, and thus shapes like heart, cross, cylinders are more popular. However newer styles and designs like a butterfly or dragonfly insured by nature, or an ampersand, or full ring, or some other curvy style inspired from abstract patterns etc, are available. Hence you don't compromise in style when buying your urn jewelry.

Where to buy your cremation jewelry from

You can buy your cremation jewelry from the cremation jewelry maker and sellers, and you would get some good option online. Since you don't get cremation jewelry stores that popularly in the normal retail market, you can always look for these offbeat and yet really precious jewelry online.

Buying good cremation jewelry from a good supplier ensures that you get a real good price, which would satisfy you in make and design both while being in reasonable price. It's a challenge and hassle to repair a pendant if it's broken once, as the ashes inside may get scattered. Hence it best to buy the pendant from a verified good supplier who would provide best quality that won't break easily, and also won't lose color that easily. A nice online search would return you great options for that.