Statement Jewelry Is All We Need


The history of statement jewelry goes a long way to ancient Egypt and Romans. The Africans loved the danglers, thick cylindrical rings, bib or collar necklace and big cuffs & bangles. While the Romans were into big, huge stone rings. In the mainstream fashion industry, it was Coco Chanel who brought back statement in trend bejeweling her costumes with it. During the 30's and 40's it prevailed on stacking up using gold, pearls and silver. In the 50's it was more about throwing in some charm bracelets of stones, diamonds and crystals. The intention behind was to bring out the madness in a woman and to break the chains of normalcy.

In the modern era, it's more about colorful, bold and literally making a statement piece. What I remember is that for us it made a real comeback in the last 6 years and have made their way through the global fashion. Working well with every occasion, statement jewel pieces instantly hike look of the attire and glam you up. It began with runway models and gradually made way to the street and parties. It's a magic how one statement jewel can elevate your look effortlessly, glamourizing you with minimal work.

Statement jewelry define who you are and who you want to be. Admit it or not but you always accessorize yourself according to your personality traits. Your style will always define real you. Statement jewelry does show how bold enough you are to try new things in life and how easy are you with transition.

The magic of statement jewels is that it makes an ordinary outfit an extraordinary one. They allow you to break the mundane and monotony with unique identity, confidence and quirk. Dainty danglers, funky chains, bold and beautiful necklaces and many such bring about a grandeur experience and make you turn heads wherever you step in. One of the easiest ways to change the look of your daily wardrobe is to add up jewels. Be artistic and don't shy away from experimenting with them. Because we know, without jewelry our best of wardrobe can fall flat and lose its charm.

So, girls, don't be afraid to try on new things and bold accessories because when you look good you feel good 🙂

Few rules to swear by

First on first is the rule is to select the perfect size according to the outfit. If you are already wearing a goody or heavy embroided outfit, please avoid baubles and big necklaces. Instead go for studs- a good circular mideival size would look perfect.

Second, do not over accessories. Let it be one piece at a time. Blending shoulder dusters with layered or big neckpiece would be dramatic and we're not on a drama runway, right?

Play with colors but don't be a rainbow. The color of your statement jewel plays a major role. Don't wear a colorful piece with a multi colored outfit. Go for pastels or light colored in that case. Also, the 'goes with everything' gold and silver won't work with colorful attire.

Less is more: Apply this rule with make-up. Let your jewelry do its business and keep face painting away. Wear nude base with decent lip color and you'll be a magic.

These statement pieces will make you go weak in your knees and give serious jewelgasm!

1. Fun baubles

From metals to threads to stones- this category has so many options that'll give a hard time to select one for yourself. Be it at work, vacation, street style or a party, they will never disappoint you. What we love is the combination of ethnic and western. We just love the contemporary look.

Danglers with stone and gold touch has been in the fashion and is definitely here to stay. There are various sites to shop online jewelry from.

Pair them with black, white and pastel outfits to bring out the best in your look. Look ethereal, elegand and 'make a statement' with this magical fashion jewelry.

Try a different look by pairing a bauble necklace with your t-shirts and casuals!

2. Chunky pieces

Oh, those metallic and gold/silver beauties! Want to rock a party? Wear them. Want to strut with style in a day look? Play with them. Want anything new- Trust them! From Hollywood to Bollywood, these pieces are loved by everyone and so trust worth. All you need to do is buy them.

Bling, glitter, shine, class- these are well defined and elaborated by the chunky pieces. A very simple rule- A plain outfit? Pair with studs or stones or engraved jewelry. Heavy worked outfit? Pair with a plain and just one accessory. Remember, to not overdo it.

Oh! and our favorite for this season is definitely CHOKERS and HATHPHOOLS.

3. The elegant ethic

'BORED' meetings need poise, etiquette and some AWAKENING style! Rock your suit style with big studs or studded ear-cuffs. Add up multi-finger rings or chain-links to your boss-y ensemble.

4. Boho affair

Get the tribal love affair back. The silver chunkies have our eyes on them. To be BOHO is to be raw, to be yourself and no other jewelry can define you more than this fashion jewelry. Tribal Affair has been on the charts for long and for a good reason. These 90s comebacks is the perfect contemporary look we were looking for.

Our favorite for this category is pairing up a white shirt and ripped jeans with Silver Chunkies.

5. Clasp on colors

Wearing the same dull shift and slip dress with no fun element to it? Add on colors. Avoid wearing a color on color though. We don't want to be a walking-talking clown. Contrast bright colors pairing is what you should opt for. If pairing the same color, make sure that one of them is in a lighter shade.

Hop onto mirror work as well. They are whimsical and cheerful. They will surely brighten up your day and look and day look. 🙂